I Have Curly Hair—These Are the Products I'm Using to Give It Some R&R Right Now

The 20 Best Products for Curly Hair, Hands Down

Well, it's week seven of quarantine, and the only way I've been surviving is by finding things to be thankful for each day. Today, it's my hair's revival. I may be unhappy having to stay inside all day, but let me tell you: My hair is thriving. Never in my life have I had all of this time to give my locks the R&R they deserve. (In fact, as I write this article, I'm letting some coconut oil do its thing under a hair cap.) My bathroom counter is currently covered with masks, oils, and creams galore.

Pre-WFH, my hair was taking quite the beating. Though I had cut down my flat iron usage a lot, I was still straightening my curls enough that you could tell they were damaged. With recommendations from beauty editors, hairstylists, and friends, I accumulated a collection of game-changing products, and my hair feels more moisturized than ever. Curious to see the products that are turning things around for me? Keep scrolling.

This is the exact product I currently have in my hair. Using coconut oil on your locks has so many benefits: It moisturizes dry hair, adds shine, prevents breakage, and keeps the scalp healthy. Need I say more?

This is super moisturizing, and a little goes a long way! My curls never feel crunchy after using it, and the coconut oil leaves me feeling so hydrated. 

I just got this little guy and to say my hair needed it was an understatement. The smell alone is a reason enough to put it in your hair!

Just look at the hundreds of good reviews—this cream is kind of amazing. I've noticed such an improvement in hair breakage since I started using this miracle worker.

Considering my latest hair appointment was scheduled two days after we went into quarantine, my ends are really loving this serum. It's packed with proteins that mend your frayed tips and also protect from future damage.

Back when I used to get my hair colored, my colorist recommended this to me. I think I'm mostly drawn to the smell, but the product is great as well. It's super delicate and leaves my hair feeling super soft. 

Another Davines favorite of mine is the All in One Milk Lotion. It softens and detangles so my comb can run smoothly through my hair post-shower. 

Here's another great detangling spray if you're looking to save a little bit of cash. 

Sometimes I'll just use this oil as a base under my heavier creams, and sometimes my hair can only handle this alone. It really just depends on the day. Can you tell that I have a thing for Davines products yet?

Looking to grow your hair? Castor oil is about to be your best friend. My bottle is getting a little extra love these days since I'm not seeing anyone. It usually leaves my scalp a little greasy, but that's not a problem right now. 

I've been taking hair vitamins for about a year now, and the difference in my hair is insane. Not only is it stronger, longer, and shinier, but my curls are so much bouncier. It's probably a combination of all my products, plus the break my hair has been getting from the flat iron, but I definitely think these delicious gummies have something to do with it.

In order to manage my curls, I have to brush them every time they get wet. This is the only brush I trust to not rip my hair. 

I've been doing a lot of braid tutorials lately, so these little rubber bands have been lifesavers. 

I do my very best not to use rubber bands when putting my hair in a ponytail—I don't want my hair to get weak! If I ever need to have it up, I use one of these. 

And when I'm feeling fancy, I use a cuter clip. 

Scrunchies are a great alternative to hair elastics if you're not sure about clips.

Okay, this mask is expensive, but it's really good. I only had a sample, but I decided to commit to a full bottle for quarantine. It has plant-based extracts, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that claim to energize the scalp to strengthen damaged hair from the root. My hair immediately felt stronger and shinier after one use.

When I'm not washing my hair, I like to use this apple cider vinegar rinse. It leaves my hair feeling super clean. 

Another great product option that will save your split ends while you wait for your hair salon to open back up. 

I love, love, love this shampoo. It smells like something I want to eat and makes my hair feel so soft. 

I've been sleeping with my hair in a silk bonnet every night. It seals in moisture and keeps all the oils I have in my hair off my bed.

Apple cider vinegar with avocado, rosehip and coconut oils make this mask super hydrating and perfect for a once-a-week treat. 

I love wearing this in my hair for a few hours. Even my most-dehydrated curls are no match for this mask. It took my dull hair to shiny in just one use, plus the peppermint adds an extra-cooling bonus. (And you really can't beat this price.)

This is another amazing SheaMoisture product (that's also super affordable). There are three key ingredients—coconut oil, coconut milk, and acacia senegal—that leave your hair feeling super moisturized for days after. Trust me.