I Never Thought I'd Get So Many Compliments on This Controversial Accessory

Let it be known that in the year 2019, fashion decided that it wanted to try out all the trends usually exclusively reserved for an eight-year-old. Don't believe me? Firstly, we had headbands doing the rounds (a trend which still hasn't died down, especially since the Duchess of Cambridge wore one from Zara). Then we've had a proliferation of prairie dresses throughout the whole of the year. While it's not strictly reserved for more junior fashion, it's definitely got the cutesy "little girl" vibe. Finally, the last trend to take hold is printed tights.

Personally, I didn't think I'd be into it, but thanks to Katie Holmes's sheer polka-dot versions that she wore with a Saint Laurent minidress, I'm all for it. Then, when I attended a friend's wedding last weekend wearing my own pair of sheer polka-dot tights, I got so many compliments.


(Image credit: Getty)

While I would rather just stick to the classic polka-dot versions, there are so many more. Ganni, Gucci and Fendi are even doing bold and brightly coloured ones that are actually pretty cool. From logos to pink leopard print, there are some really great statement tights that will immediately make an LBD feel more fun and inject a bit of 2019 into the outfit.

But if you're more on the minimalist side of things, then fear not, as there are still plenty of sheer black patterned tights to enjoy. What I love even more about this trend is that it's not just an exclusive designer piece—you can find plenty of affordable options on the high street too. Ready to see the printed tights available? Keep scrolling.

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Elinor Block