4 High-Quality Activewear Brands I'm Wearing as a Plus-Size Fashion Person

The world of cute and functional activewear has been rapidly expanding over the last few years. Now, style lovers who also enjoy breaking a sweat can still do so while looking cute. As a plus-size fashion person, I'm all about the boom in cute yet technical activewear. As far as size extensions go, the fashion industry tends to move at a slower pace, but plus-size-friendly activewear options are one area that isn't lacking.

I've done what I do best, and I've highlighted great brands and a few selects worth shopping at each. You can expect buttery fabrics, fun colors, and so much more. Keep scrolling to uncover high-quality plus-size-friendly activewear brands.

1. Athleta

A few years ago, Athleta launched extended sizes and dramatically increased the number of plus-size offerings in 2021. This Certified B Corporation is one of the few brands that make their extended sizing available to try on in-store. On top of that, limited-edition collections, like its partnership with Alicia Keys, are made available in extended sizing, which is not always the case for fashion brands doing collaborations. The brand's strength also lies in the fact that there are retail options for smaller and larger busts across all size ranges. Athleta carries up to a size 26 or 3X. 

2. Girlfriend Collective

Not only does Girlfriend Collective boast a pretty impressive product size range (the brand goes up to a 6X), but its model representation on-site is also impressive. It'd be hard to scroll through the brand's website and not find a model that looks like you do. The brand makes use of pretty colorways and focuses on the use of recycled materials to craft its activewear. 

3. Lululemon

The Canadian activewear brand has been a favorite in the straight-sized fitness space for quite some time. In recent years, the brand has extended its sizing up to a size 20. While many critique the limited extension, many plus-size fashion people have embraced its buttery fabrics and impressive technical support. 

4. Nike

Nike has been a staple in the fitness world for quite some time. However, the brand's stock of plus-size activewear has been slowly increasing in the last couple of years. Now, plus-size folks can finally partake in the legacy sports brand's clothing offerings. While the designs are quite simple, they tend to hold up pretty well. 

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