I’ve Always Worn Pendant Necklaces—Here Are Some of My Favourites

When it comes to getting dressed every day, I'm looking for easy wins right now. I'm trying to steer clear of just going to the same loose-fitting pair of Ganni joggers and comfy knit. It's not that these items aren't brilliant (they are), but during my working week, I know I need to up the ante when it comes to my wardrobe. It helps me feel more like I'm actually working, and therefore, it makes me more productive. And putting on a bit of jewellery is one of the best ways to feel more put together.


(Image credit: @sylviemus_)

But I have a few issues. My chunky gold necklace might be on-trend right now, but it feels a little heavy for sitting at my desk. (And yes, I miss the compliments that I would get from my colleagues about it.) And the oversize gold hoops are similar. It seems l'm not alone—MatchesFashion reported that it had seen an increase in people purchasing more fine jewellery and combining these pieces with their everyday looks "to elevate a cashmere jumper or classic white shirt." The solution to me is evident: the pendant necklace. I've worn so many iterations of this jewellery in the past, and I've currently got my eye on a few versions right now. Keep scrolling to see the easiest piece of jewellery to wear every day and elevate your working-from-home look. 

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Elinor Block