The Only Brush You Need for Gorgeous Hair, According to Hairstylists

So it turns out that the brush you choose for your hair can really make a difference when it comes to not only the styling of your hair but also its health. A brush that works with your specific hair type will only do you a lot of favors. The good news is there's a brush that works on practically every hair type, so the shopping is made easy for you—it's the paddle brush.

"A paddle brush is a large brush that softly curves in its base and has an air-cushioned padded center with wide-set bristles," says Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson. "Paddle brushes are one of the most hair type versatile brushes to choose from. Any hair type that requires detangling can benefit from a paddle brush."

Best paddle brushes



Now, although paddle brushes are great for pretty much everyone, there are a few things to take note of depending on your hair. "Straight, wavy, and loose curl hair types can benefit from a paddle brush for detangling or styling on wet, damp, or dry hair," explains Mane Addicts artist Cherilyn Farris.

For curly hair types, StyleSeat natural hair hairstylist Erinn Courtney says you might not want to use a paddle brush every day in order to preserve the curls. "Ideally, curlier hair textures would benefit from paddle brushes during wash days when applying conditioner, as a paddle brush helps the product penetrate the hair shaft," she adds. You don't want to use a paddle brush when curly hair is dry.

Take a look at some paddle brush to shop below.

Best Overall: T3 Smooth Paddle Brush

The vented detail on this brush allows for fast blow-drying. One reviewer wrote, "It is gentle on wet hair and does a super job of getting rid of tangles without damage. The brush itself is very attractive and feels comfortable in your hand. This is a high-quality brush—I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have shining, healthy hair and make the time spent brushing their hair as enjoyable as possible!"

Best Affordable Brush: Wet Brush Paddle Detangler Brush

You can't go wrong with an iconic Wet Brush. This one has heat flex bristles that are heat-resistant and helps you detangle while you blow-dry.

Best Luxury Brush: Philip B. Paddle Brush

Yes, this is a $190 brush, but let me tell you how luxe it is. First, it's made from sustainable mahogany and has a special ergonomic handle. Second, it features boar bristles and crystal nylon pins that will not only detangle and smooth your hair, but also cleanse your hair's roots, loosen dead skin and residue, and absorb and distribute oil.

Best for Blow-Drying: Shu Uemura Large Paddle Hair Brush

"I love this brush! Feels very nice on the hair and scalp, is gentle on the hair, and helps add shine. It's great to blow dry straight hair smooth," says Siobhán Quinlan, a colorist and stylist at Cutler West Hollywood.

Best for Curly Hair: Denman Power Paddle Hair Brush

This hair brush features sculpted, round-ended styling pins to leave your curls defined. 

Best for Fine Hair: The Flex Brush XL Boar/Nylon Mix

"This is my #1 detangling brush. It is gentle on the hair but can really work out the knots in hair, especially for fine hair," Quinlan says.

Best for Thick Hair: Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

Aveda's paddle brush has extended bristles, which are good at detangling and reducing any tugging or stressing the hair. A reviewer wrote, "My hair is long, thick, curly, and difficult to brush. This brush works through with ease. Love it!"

Best Boar Bristle Brush: Prose Boar Bristle Brush

This is a 100% boar bristle brush that is both soft and strong. Basically, your hair is going to look so shiny and feel so smooth after using this.

Best for Detangling: Style Assist Large Detangling Hair Brush With Flexible Bristles

"For detangling, I recommend the Kristin Ess Detangling brush, its wide shape helps unwind tangles quickly and gently," Farris says.

Best for Shine: Nick Stenson Beauty Curious Oval Cushion Brush

"If you're looking for a brush that gives the benefit of a paddle brush and also offers smoothing with a naturally polishing bristle for shine, you must try my very own, the Curious Oval Cushion Brush," Stenson says.

Best for Styling: Ibiza CX6

"For styling, I recommend the Ibiza CX6 that has a combination of nylon and boar bristles to help distribute natural oil and create tension for styling," Farris says.

Best for a Sensitive Scalp: Annie Section Tip Jumbo Cushion Brush

"This paddle brush is great because of the flexible bottom that allows for easy detangling," Courtney says. "The ball-tipped nylon bristles also are perfect for those who have a sensitive scalp as the bristles gently work through the hair."

Best for a Luxe Experience: Emi Jay Bamboo Paddle Brush

"I also recommend the Emi Jay Bamboo Paddle Brush for a gentle, stimulating scalp massage and detangler," Farris says.

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