11 Chic Paddle Brushes That Will Elevate Your Hair Routine


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No doubt choosing the right brush is key to improving the health and style of your hair. With so many types of brushes out there, you might think choosing the right one is difficult, if not nearly impossible. Well, we have good news for you. There's one specific type of brush that works for nearly every hair type.

We're referring to paddle brushes—the detangling tool that's a staple in nearly every hairstylist's kit. Take it from Matrix Artistic Director Nick Stenson, who says, "A paddle brush is a large brush that softly curves in its base and has an air-cushioned padded center with wide-set bristles. Paddle brushes are one of the most hair-type-versatile brushes to choose from. Any hair type that requires detangling can benefit from a paddle brush."

Mane Addicts artist Cherilyn Farris agrees, saying, "Straight, wavy, and loose-curl hair types can benefit from a paddle brush for detangling or styling on wet, damp, or dry hair."


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If you have curly hair, StyleSeat natural hair hairstylist Erinn Courtney recommends using a paddle brush only when the hair is wet on washdays. This will preserve your curls. "Ideally, curlier hair textures would benefit from paddle brushes during washdays when applying conditioner, as a paddle brush helps the product penetrate the hair shaft," she says.

So if you're ready to buy your first paddle brush or replace an existing one, the experts (and we editors) have some recommendations for you. Keep scrolling to see the 11 best paddle brushes that money can buy. We promise that they're as chic as they are functional. 

Best Overall: T3 Smooth Paddle Brush

Best Affordable: Wet Brush Pro Paddle Detangler

Best Luxury: Philip B. Paddle Brush

Best for Curly Hair: Denman Power Paddle Hair Brush

Best for Thick Hair: Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush

Best for Fine Hair: Prose Boar Bristle Brush

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