This Is Easily the Most Comfortable Trend to Wear With Skinny Jeans


Collage Vintage

Skinny jeans aren't for everyone, and by everyone, I mean me. Don't shoot the messenger, but I, unfortunately, don't feel like my best self while rocking the classic denim style. However, there is one fall trend that makes them seem a little more bearable, and that's oversize chunky sweaters. By far, this is the most comfortable trend to wear with skinny jeans this coming season, and I'm sure you can imagine why.

Not only do chunky oversize swaetesr act as a blanket wrapped around you 24/7, but they also offset the slimness of skinny jeans. The combination ultimately creates the outfit proportions of a lifetime. So this fall, when you feel like being cozy but need an outfit that looks a tad more polished, opt for an oversize chunky sweater and skinny jeans. I promise you'll be comfortable and on trend, and hey, if a skinny-jean doubter like myself can get behind this, I think that says something. Below, shop a handful of my favorite chunky sweaters on the market now that I guarantee will look insanely cool with your go-to fitted denim.