I Hate Skinny Jeans—Here Are 4 Denim Trends I Wear Instead

Denim styles for women


The Style Stalker

There's a lot of hype around skinny jeans, and frankly, I have never understood it. That might be because the style is not the most flattering on my body shape, but it's also largely due to the fact that I think they are boring. If I'm going to wear denim, I want it to be interesting, which is why there are four other denim styles I always reach for before resorting to my slim selection of skinnies.

If you love skinny jeans, own it. I'm sure they look incredible on you, but skinny jeans are not the denim trend that makes me feel like my most confident self, which is why I'm going to skip them—I hope you understand. Below, shop the four denim styles for women I'm pretty sure I'll feel great in for the rest of my life.


Straight-leg jeans make my legs feel slimmer and longer all at the same time. Typically, I prefer to wear pairs with a high-rise waist to really give the illusion that I'm taller than I am.

Cropped Flare

Cropped flares are a perfect silhouette for my petite frame. Being only 5'3", I usually have to get this particular denim style hemmed to hit my ankles just right, but it's always worth it in the end.

Wide Leg

I've never really stuck to fully dressing for my body type, which is why I'm totally fine with drowning myself in oversize wide-leg denim in the name of fashion. I love how this shape looks when paired with a babydoll tee or a tight top.


I love this style because although it's a classic, I feel like the shape is unique to the wearer. There's the straight-leg "boyfriend," the cropped and rolled, the wide leg, the distressed—the list goes on and on, meaning you just have to find the kind that works for you. Personally, I love them all.