Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Wore These Sunglasses, and Now I'm Trying Them


Getty Images

Often, I look to previous decades for fashion inspiration. There’s something incredible about discovering an item that looked just as cool 25 years ago as it does today. To me, it adds a certain stamp of approval, proving that it has stood the test of time, and no, you won’t look back and regret wearing it a few years down the road.

Most recently, I experienced this with sunglasses. I’d been looking back at ’90s fashion with some frequency and couldn’t help but notice that oval sunglasses—much like the ones fashion girls are wearing in 2018—were everywhere during the decade. They were the go-to choice for Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, among others, but it’s Bessette-Kennedy who really pushed me into trying them for myself. As someone who identifies with her cool, easy style, I didn’t think her sartorial leanings would steer me wrong.

So, I picked up a pair from Le Specs. I’ll admit that it did take my eye some time to adjust to the new shape. I tend to wear oversize square or rectangular sunglasses, so it was definitely a very new silhouette. But now that I’ve given myself a little time to get used to them, I couldn’t be happier to have them in my collection. Just goes to show that recycling some of fashion’s earlier trends is often a great idea. Ahead, shop my picks of the best oval sunglasses to try for yourself.