The Best Nursing Tops for New Moms


(Image credit: Stephanie Pollock)

If you’re a mother, then you already know that taking care of a newborn means juggling a lot. From tending to your baby’s needs to getting just enough sleep to function, you’ve taken on a whole new job in itself. So naturally, the last thing you want to think about is the best types of tops for nursing that make the experience easier for both you and your infant. 

“When I was breastfeeding Leo, I found that cross-front tops gave easy access and oversize scarves worked wonders as nursing covers! Nursing tanks and bras are a must as they'll just make your life that much easier,” says Jillian Harris, a lifestyle & family blogger. “However, before going out and buying a whole new wardrobe … pull out items that have zippers or button/snap fronts as these will be the easiest items to get you breastfeeding in no time! Items that are functional, comfortable, and stylish are key!”

Ariana Goldman, the founder of maternity clothing brand Hatch, also recommends tops that be easily untied or with buttons. “The best tops for nursing are those which are chic and integral to your wardrobe, but that you’d never know are functional, too. A woman doesn’t have to forgo style during nursing.” she says.

With this advice, we found some of our favorite tops that are ideal for nursing. It just goes to show you can still be chic while tending to your baby.

Dale Arden Chong