Sofia Richie Swears By This Makeup Brand, So I Put It to the Test

If there's one celebrity that can convince me to try pretty much anything, it's Sofia Richie. I don't know what hold the star has over me, but if I see her using a particular beauty product, I have to get my hands on it straight away. For example, when she posted her lavender manicure on TikTok, I went to the salon that same weekend in order to try the colour out for myself (spoiler: I loved it).


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So, after hearing Richie rave about Nudestix makeup, I knew I had to put the brand to the test. The star has featured the brand in her famous 'get ready with me' style videos on TikTok, and apparently she even wore some of the products on her wedding day. I'm personally a big fan of Richie's more natural, pared-back approach when it comes to makeup, so I wondered if this brand could be the secret to that "barely there" makeup look that I have always tried so hard to recreate.


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Although my job as a junior beauty editor involves me testing lots of different makeup brands, I'd actually never tried a single thing from Nudestix, so you can imagine how excited I was to give the products a go. I was keen to put a variety of things to the test, so I decided that I would do a full face of makeup using only Nudestix products to see which ones stood out to me. 


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After trying everything out, I can totally see why Sofia Richie loves this brand. In my opinion, it's perfect for those of you who like quick, easy makeup looks that don't require much effort. Plus, the packaging is super chic, and the brand is a little more affordable than other celeb favourites such as Dior and Chanel. If after reading that, you're keen to try it out yourself, keep on scrolling for my favourite Nudestix makeup products to add to your collection... 

The Best Nudestix Makeup Products:

1. Nudestix Tinted Cover Foundation

2. Nudestix Cream Concealer

3. Nudestix Bronzing Stick

4. Nudestix Blusher Stick

5. Nudestix Highlighting Stick

6. Nudestix Eyeshadow Pencil

7. Nudestix Mascara

8. Nudestix Lip Butter

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Junior Beauty Editor

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