The 30 Nordstrom Items I Never Travel Without



I'm the type of person who loves to get away. Whether I'm heading to Miami with friends, traveling to see family on the West Coast, or taking a staycation in New York City, if there's a chance to get away, my answer is almost always "yes." Recently, I opted for a staycation at The Edition, one of my favorite hotels in New York City. I felt like a tourist in the city I lived in, and I think sleeping on their massive cloud-like beds and showering in one of the dreamiest showers ever definitely played a part.

While packing for my staycation, I realized there are certain products I've purchased from Nordstrom that I'd never travel without, even if I'm only going one neighborhood over. These beauty products and fashion items are my holy grail. And trust me, when it comes to my essentials, I'm a tough critic. 

Keep scrolling to see which Nordstrom items I'd never travel without, no matter the distance.

I'm a big fan of Youth To The People, and I love to keep a travel-sized set of their products on hand whenever I travel. This one is $59 for next-level skincare. I can't sing the praises of this brand enough. 

I won't shut up about these. They're so good. 

This foundation means everything to me, and no, I'm not being dramatic. 

It doesn't really get more luxe than La Mer. 

This is a travel game changer, trust me. 

Another must-have for your carry-on. 

These are my favorite leggings of all time. 

I didn't think I would love this product as much as I did, but I'm now fully in love after trying it.

It can be difficult for me to fall asleep when I'm sleeping anywhere other than my house. These supplements help. 

This shirt is comfortable enough to be worn for traveling but cute enough to be styled and worn out.

This is the only setting spray I use. If you haven't tried it, run to your closest Nordstrom to get it. 

I'm a big robe person, and UGG makes a great one. 

I have these and always bring them when I go on trips. I love them. 

Pair this with the boxers above. 

I always pack a comfy pair of sweats when I'm traveling. 

If you haven't tried a humidifier yet, you need to. This one is small enough to fit in your carry on.

A good pair of slippers is an absolute must. 

These pajamas are so comfortable you won't want to take them off. 

This is my favorite tried-and-true concealer. 

Trust me: You're going to want to pack this. 

This is a must-pack for me, someone who loves big, curled hair. 

I love candles, so I always bring a mini Le Labo candle when traveling. 

This is the perfect travel-size set for when you're going somewhere warm.

If we're honest, we all need a good detangling brush.