My Friend Asked My Advice on the Best Sneakers—I Said These 27 Styles



As the go-to fashion person in my friend group, It’s not uncommon for my friends to lean on me for a range of fashion, shopping, and styling advice. From pinpointing the perfect flowy spring dresses, highlighting affordable basics, or even giving them retailer-specific advice, I’ve done it all. The most recent ask from a friend was to recommend the best sneakers on the internet, so I did just that.

I took to some of my favorite retailers to fulfill this ask including (but not limited to) Shopbop, Nordstrom, and Zappos. I dug through the virtual isles of these sites, and I was able to hand-pick some high-quality sneaker selects that’d make my friends (and really anyone) excited. Keep scrolling to uncover my list of the best sneakers online ahead. Maybe a new favorite pair of trainers await you?

I love the off-white coloring. 

A current WWW reader favorite (and for good reason). 

Such a cool pair of sneaks. I'll be dreaming about these for a while. 

It's so surprising how much personality a little lift can add to some shoes.

Trade in your old Stan Smith sneaks for this updated pair. 

I personally own these and stand by this purchase. 

Change up your normal take on neutral by trying out beige sneakers. 

Checkers always give the right dose of retro cool. 

A little drop of color goes a long way. 

The color theory–obsessed fashion girl inside of me loves the use of complementary colors. 

If you don't already own these, fix that. 

This earthy hue is a nice departure from black Chuck Taylors. 

Go the distance with these trainers. 

As comfy as a cloud, and in this pastel color nonetheless. 

The monochromatic peach and orange color-blocking is so neat. 

Pink and green is a killer combo. 

There's something so calming about baby blue. 

These can easily go from workout to work day.

The cutout detail is insane in the best way.

I didn't think I'd love the highlighter colors, but it tickles my brain in the best way.