The Best Skinny Jeans on Nordstrom, According to Customer Reviews


The Style Stalker 

Shopping for denim (especially skinny jeans) can be an excruciating process. In-store, you find yourself sweaty and discouraged in a dressing room trying pair after pair, and online, you feel unsure what the heck is going on because of course that model looks great in those jeans. Although risky, if you ask me, shopping online for denim can be worth it if you consider a few important things. Besides a quality site return policy, a loyal customer base is another thing to take into account for they will be the people who leave the most honest reviews. Those reviews are what you should let guide you through the terrifying process that is shopping for skinny jeans online.

When I think of reliable and loyal retailers, I instantly think of Nordstrom. After pondering the idea that the perfect pair of skinny jeans doesn't exist (see also: why I hate them), I decided to do a deep dive into the customer reviews section on Nordstrom. Much to my surprise, I found tons of skinny jeans with rave reviews and comments sections overflowing, with some receiving over 400 comments of praise.

Below, I pulled out the best skinny jeans available at Nordstrom according to customer reviews, along with a standout customer comment for you to see how passionate their owners are about the quality and fit.