The Cutest Earrings That Don't Require a Piercing

It’s safe to say that the most common piercing is on the ear. Whether they were pierced as an infant or you made the brave decision at a later age, we grew up seeing earrings as a staple accessory in our jewelry box. With that being said, there’s no need to feel left out if your earlobes never felt the puncture from a needle, in fact, today’s post is specifically for you.

From up-and-coming designers like J. Hannah to Insta-famous brands like Bing Bang, we’ve rounded up the absolute best options for the non-pierced ears out there. Whether you’re looking for a sleek cuff or sparkly clip-on, we’ve got you covered with the chicest picks. 

Shop our favorite earrings that don’t require a piercing below! 

Logan Hollowell is one of our favorite L.A.-based jewelers. 

Add this star to your jewelry box. 

This bar looks even cooler when it’s on your ear. 

This cuff looks way more expensive than it is. 

Snag this affordable find in every color.