Let's Talk About These Topshop Pieces—They're Perfect

Photo: Collage Vintage

So, Topshop just got a ton of new pieces, and they are so good, we don't even know where to start. Basically, no matter what you're in the market for, be it embroidered jean shorts, a gingham skirt, or the perfect floral dress, Topshop's new arrivals section has got you covered. Since you are most likely already familiar with the brand, you know that in even better news, the items of your dreams are also very affordable.

Thanks to the price point in conjunction with the fact that the items ahead are picture perfect for the warmer months ahead (hello, summer!), if there was ever a time to do a little splurging on yourself, it's right now. Treat this as sort of a life or death situation in the world of fashion. No, you won't survive without them. (Cue the dramatics.) Once you see our favorite new pieces from Topshop ahead, you will definitely experience heartbreak if you don't get them, so skip the torture, and treat yourself—we think you deserve it.

Go on to shop our favorite pieces from Topshop's new arrivals section.