21 Fashion and Beauty Items I Bought Immediately Over the Past 2 Months

best new fashion and beauty items



I consider myself to be a mindful shopper. This wasn’t always the case, though. I used to make a fair share of impulse purchases, only to end up donating or selling the item a year or so later, tags still attached in some cases (not a great feeling). Having learned from my past shopping mistakes, my purchases are a lot more deliberate now, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t buy things immediately from time to time.

The things I buy immediately are just particularly special, and I know that I’ll start wearing and using them as soon as they arrive, which is always a sign of a wise purchase. Another thing that contributes to swift purchase for me is that I can just feel it when something is going to sell out quickly, and if I know that it would crush me if I missed out on the item, I don’t hesitate. Because sometimes I add beauty products to cart even quicker than I do fashion items (given the typically lower price point), I included a few of those as well.

In case you’re curious, keep scrolling to shop the fashion and beauty items I didn’t hesitate to buy as of late.

I'm hoping this will help me survive what's left of winter.

I can't even count how often I've worn these perfect ankle boots since purchasing.

These fun (and affordable) earrings are very on trend.

I kind of hoard Nars blushes and recently picked this pretty rose-colored one up at the airport on a whim.

This skirt isn't for the faint of heart, but it's fun to wear while the neon trend is such a thing, and the quality is surprisingly good.

Call it boring, but this little barrette looks chic with everything.

If you think lipstick is too heavy and gloss is too sticky, you'll want to buy this new liquid lipstick STAT (I did).

I'm embracing the headband trend with this loverly iteration.

I got a great deal on these beauties during the post-Christmas sales. They're also available in a kitten-heel version.

This blanket-like scarf saved me on a recent long-haul flight.

I can't even describe how soft this T-shirt is. You just need to feel it.

Charlotte Tilbury makes some of the best lip products on the planet, and this pretty trio is no exception.

I'm officially a fan of the non-skinny jean trend, thanks to these.

If you're tired of the chunky gold hoop trend, do yourself a favor and get this unique pair.

The tie-dye trend is coming, and I'm shopping accordingly.

I loved that this highlighter is a powder but is designed to be applied with your fingers (a rarity). 

I was in desperate need of a new basic yet special pair of black boots, and these definitely fit the bill.

People rave about these jeans, and now I can too.