I Convinced My Friend to Give Low-Rise Jeans a Chance With This List of Styles


@_sierramayhew; Pictured Lioness Eivissa Baggy Jeans ($99)

Low-rise jeans can be pretty scary. If you told me a few years ago that I'd be wearing them almost every time I put on a pair of jeans, I wouldn't believe you. Since I work in the fashion industry, it didn't take much to convince me to try this trend, but some of my friends have been a bit hesitant to give it a go. I tell them all how flattering low-rise jeans are because they exude confidence and feel very right now.

Some of my friends still don't believe me, so I decided to prove them wrong with a little try-on. Every denim brand that I love has convinced me to love low-rise jeans with these styles. They're comfortable, cute, and so flattering when styled right. Below, find the list of low-rise denim that I adore.

1. Best Overall: Agolde Low-Rise Baggy Jeans

I'm calling this pair of low-rise jeans the best on the market because they aren't tooooo Y2K. To any of my friends who are uncertain about trying out the low-rise-denim trend, I would recommend that they start with this pair. It lingers just below the point that I would consider mid-rise, making them a bit more conservative than the baggier pairs.

2. Lioness Elvissa Baggy Jeans

My current favorite pair of low-rise jeans is anything but modest. These jeans take the term "puddle pants" to the next level. They're incredibly baggy and make such a great contrast to any tighter top that you might own. Funnily enough, among my closet of designer jeans, I go for this pair over and over. I always feel instantly cool when I put them on.

3. EB Denim Frederic Low-Rise Jeans

If you haven't heard, Who What Wear editors are currently into the tapered-jeans trend. I think we all own a pair or two, and I'll speak for the team by saying that we're obsessed. We've seen wide-leg jeans trending for a year or two now, and this is a way to attack that trend while still feeling somewhat different. 

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