The Jewelry You'll Wear Over a Thousand Times

The best jewelry pieces aren't the flashiest ones, or the most expensive; they're the earrings, rings, bracelets, and necklaces we wear every day. For our editors, the jewelry we wear over and over again is stylish and practical, yes, but also tends to have a story behind it. I have yet to stop wearing a ring an ex-boyfriend gave me five years ago, and my favorite studs once belonged to my dad (he had a hippie pierced-ear phase that's now long gone). In my book, the best jewelry is the jewelry I've worn for more days than I could ever count.

While it's important to have a well-rounded collection at your disposal, no matter how many statement earrings you own, the jewelry that gets the most wear are those simple, everyday pieces that make you feel good the moment you put them on. So, what do our editors deem to be their wear-always jewelry pieces? Below, you'll find each member of our team explaining their favorite everyday jewelry and the stories behind each of our picks. From cool under-$100 finds to sentimental pieces that are a bit more of a splurge, you'll have plenty of inspiration for building up your own everyday collection. 



Kat Collings, Editor in Chief
Kat Collings wearing jewlery


The Style Stalker

"I sleep in this little huggie. It's so comfortable, and I love the unexpected color."

"Almost every day I put on this ear cuff. No piercing needed! I've never seen anything like it—a baby signet earring with a jasper stone."

"These rings stack beautifully, and I love that they are classic but have a little something special with the wave." 

Aemilia Madden, Editor
Aemilia Madden jewlery



"I'm about as Capricorn as they come, so I love the simplicity of this gold necklace. It goes with anything and everything (I tend to layer it with several other necklaces), and I even shower with it on." 

"I love the antique aesthetic that a signet ring offers. I try and take it off if I'm headed to a workout, otherwise I wear it pretty much 24-7. 

"I recently added this simple ring to my collection (there's no such thing as too many rings in my book). I love that the design is a bit non-traditional but it's still simple enough to wear without overpowering things."

Michelle Scanga, Managing Editor
Michelle Scanga wearing jewelry



"Besides this tiny twisted gold bracelet my dad gave me when I turned 21 (and I have not taken it off since), I tend to keep my jewelry getup pretty simple."

 "Other than that, I recently received this gold pendant necklace that I'm excited to layer and play with this spring." 

Nicole Akhtarzad, Market Editor
Nicole Akhtarzad wearing jewelry



"Since I got this necklace a little over a year ago, I've probably taken it off a total of five times. I love how it layers with other pieces and feels personal to me because it has my name engraved on one side and my husband's on the other." 

"This gold bangle is probably the first real piece of jewelry I ever bought myself about four years ago, and like the others, it also never comes off. It's the perfect cross between being somewhat thin and delicate, yet edgy thanks to its angular details, and it's probably one of the items I receive the most compliments on."

"This rainbow ring is a newer piece I got only a couple months ago, but since then I've worn it pretty much every day. It's the perfect layering item that still stands out and adds something to your look. Also, it feels like a not to spring's impending arrival even on the coldest days." 

Lauren Eggersten, Fashion Editor
Lauren Eggersten jewelry



"I wear my Octavia Elizabeth ring every day without fail. Since I tend to wear multiple simple gold rings, this one immediately fit right into my collection. I love how timeless it is while also having an elegant element of surprise with the ruby. Wear it alone or stack it, but trust me, this ring is worth the investment."

Anna LaPlaca, Assistant Editor
Anna LaPlaca jewlery


Courtesy Anna LaPlaca

"Over the years I've acquired a few simple gold pieces that I quite literally never take off, thanks to their quality. I always wear at least two necklaces at any given time, one of which is a 3D-printed copy of my own signature and the other is a chunkier medallion necklace that's fun to layer with."

" A brassy nail bracelet is the only thing I wear on my wrist."

Allyson Payer, Editor
Allyson Payer jewlery



"I have a few of these little hoops, which are subtly cool and really fun to mix and match with other earrings. Bonus: They're even comfortable enough to sleep in.

This ring has such a pretty, delicate design, but it still feels like a substantial piece of jewelry, which I always appreciate. It makes my hand look cooler."

Gina Marinelli, Senior Features Editor
Gina Marinelli jewelry



"My wear-every-day jewelry is pretty much a collection of delicate gold pieces I've collected over the years, like two rings from a small gift shop in Denmark from a recent trip and another that was a birthday gift from my parents. However, I recently added this Stella and Bow style to the mix and really enjoy the touch of red."

Also, I struggle with bracelets that feel overly chunky but am never not wearing my Tiffany T bracelet. Ever."

Kristen Nichols, Associate Editor
Kirsten Nichols jewlery


Courtesy Kristen Nichols

"Beloved by everyone from Angelina Jolie to Bella Hadid, L.A.-based jewelry brand Bagatiba is my go-to source for cool earrings and necklaces. It designs classic pieces you can wear every day as well as trend-forward items if you want to make a statement. I particularly love the oversize hoop earrings." 


Now you're ready to pick and choose the jewelry you'll wear all the time.