7 Perfect Pairs of Under-$50 Jeans

From the East Village in NYC, Tezza Barton tells me her fall uniform consists of a solid lineup of Canadian tuxedos and "suede boots, baby"—and I believe her. With her easy style, a particular affinity for denim (and more than half a million followers hanging on her every Instagrammed outfit), there's no one south of Union Square I'd rather talk to about what's up with jeans right now.

Between her emphatic testimonials of both Morgenstern's ice cream and Kate Hudson's all-American boho rock 'n' roll styling in Almost Famous, Barton confirms what I've spent the past few months telling anyone who'll listen: "This season's denim is everywhere! I've seen denim shoes, denim hats, denim bags…"

It's a nice reminder that, as she puts it, "There are no rules!"—particularly for fall. While seasons past have pledged their allegiance to one key jean style, the tail end of 2018 is (much like Barton) finding a moment for all the best versions of all the denim. Skinny jeans, girlfriend jeans, '90s jeans, high-waisted jeans, straight-leg jeans, destroyed jeans, raw-hem jeans, cropped jeans, faded jeans, black jeans, white jeans… It's all here, and H&M's latest serving of denim proves that cool jeans don't have to cost your entire paycheck.

We made a shortlist of our favorite pairs of jeans you can buy right now (including Barton's—in fact, you can shop her entire look below).