Comfortable Travel Jeans Do Exist—We Found the Best 10

Jeans—we can't live with them; we can't live without them. Sure, they're staples, but when it comes to actual comfort, they sometimes fall flat. Therefore it comes to no surprise that jeans aren't our first choice when planning a travel outfit. When traveling, you want an outfit that doesn't restrict your movements, and a bottom that has a button stabbing into your gut doesn't sound very alluring, no matter your travel situation

Leggings are always there to save the day, but not all jeans are created equal, so it's important to look for comfortable travel jeans, which do actually exist. All you have to do is shy away from non-stretch fabric and you're good to go. Stretch and lightweight denim are true game changers, and once you find a pair that hugs you just right but doesn't stab you or cut your circulation, your travel outfits will never be the same—in the best way.

Instead of scouring the Internet for another pair of vintage high-waisted jeans (would Marie Kondo approve of your impulse buys?), consider investing in a pair of jeans that you know you’ll wear every time you want to switch up your go-to travel leggings for something more elevated but just as comfortable. Ahead find the 10 best travel jeans you don’t want to pass up on.

We're always a sucker for a good cropped fit.

These aren't just stretchy, they're super stretchy (and chic).

Dress these up with a pair of heels.

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