Well-Traveled People Know These 10 Airports Have the Best Shopping

No matter how many frequent flyer miles you have, by now you already know what to wear to the airport and beyond—depending on the weather and destination, of course. Some of you might even already have an airport uniform settled, no matter what. You might also know what you always need to buy before your flight and the things you need to buy at the destination because they slipped your traveling mind once again. However, shopping at airports goes beyond snacks, Airborne, magazines, and weird food combos at ungodly hours, as well-traveled people know all too well. But if you’re a traveling enthusiast, you might have heard rumors that sometimes the best shopping is done at some specific airports around the world—10, to be exact.

So, whether you simply want some retail therapy to de-stress before your trip, you’re just killing time during a layover, or you want to bring your BFF a perfect souvenir, make sure you book your flights in these airports. However, even though shopping at these airport stores sure is tempting always try to plan ahead so you don’t end up spending over your travel budget. That being said, use your airport WiFi to compare prices online, know the duty-free limits of the place you’re traveling beforehand, and beware of fake liquor and perfume. Once you have those three things in mind, travel and shop wisely!

Just don't wear these things while shopping (or flying) from these airports.