The Reviews Are In: These Are the Best Hot Yoga Pants

With summer winding down, it's time to think seriously about getting that gym membership you've been thinking about signing up for. Because when the warm temps are gone, so are those comfortable outdoor workouts, where you can easily run, walk, bike, and more. Of course, fall is still a great time for those three-mile-long jogs, but when winter rolls around, it's not quite that easy to get the motivation to head out the door. Aside from offering a good space to get in your daily fitness goals, gyms also give you access to some great classes—hot yoga being one that we think you should definitely consider signing up for at least once. 

As you know, though, every type of activity calls for slightly different attire. We already did a guide on everything you should pack in your gym bag for a kickboxing class, covered what not to wear to yoga, and talked to an expert about what to put on for a barre class. Now, we're focusing on the best attire for hot yoga, which, as you could guess, definitely includes a pair of sweat-wicking yoga pants. That studio can get super hot and humid (as it should be for a hot yoga class), so finding a proper pair of bottoms that won't make you burn up is a must. 

To do this, we decided to turn to the vast world of Amazon reviews to hear from real customers about the best hot yoga pants they've purchased. Read on to see and shop the standout picks.

"These pants fit better than expected and hold their own for a 90-min hot yoga session. They definitely wick away sweat and help to keep you cool and dry. The other nice thing is that they wash extremely well and hold their shape after several uses/washes. I also like that they are not see-through! These are better quality than any other pants, yoga or running, that I have previously owned, even over Lululemon. And a much better bargain!" — DIYhappiness

"These are the best yoga and everyday wear type pant! Fit great, love the pockets!!" — M

"I'm very impressed with these leggings, particularly because they're so affordable. I wear these to hot yoga, and the material is soft, flexible, and breathable. They're also not see-through when bending over, which for such soft stretchy fabric is quite the feat (FYI: I ordered the black/white pattern, so I'm not sure how opaque the solid colors are). They’re so comfy that I’ve also started wearing them to lounge around in as well. They're a bit looser than they should be around the very bottom of the leg, but it’s not bad enough to be a dealbreaker. Definitely ordering another pair." — Ms.Ashleyk


"I love these leggings! I have the Lululemon leggings, and these leggings are just as soft. I love the colors too! I’' 5'4" and have a longer torso than legs, and the ankle length is more full length on me. I'm so happy they have that option because I have a hard time finding pants that fit in the length. I've worn these in several hot yoga classes and they've been great!" — Alexandra M

"I am in love with these pants!! Ultra-soft and not see-through. I do hot yoga, and the material helps pick up a sweat without leaving marks like you are sweating a lot." — Natalie Rodriguez


"These pants are amazing!! I wore them all day twice without ever having to pull them up or adjust them in any way. They were simply comfortable all day long. They are nice and soft, but also thick enough that they don't feel revealing. And not even a hint of camel toe. Overall they are pretty much perfect!" — Kate James

"The most perfect leggings I have ever owned… thick enough that they don't show panties when you bend over, but they do not get hot, even during a heatwave I was wearing them to work, and I have no climate control in my office. I'm in and out of heavy equipment all day, work at my computer, I do a little of everything and these are perfect!" — Pen Name

"These yoga pants/leggings are great. The waistband stays up, they are thick enough to not be see-through, but still thin enough/breathable enough to not be too hot during a workout. I am not sure how they will hold up in the long run, but they seem to be much higher quality than other leggings at the same price point." — Gabriella Hodges

"Love these capri yoga pants! I do hot yoga and they are very comfortable and look great! They hold you in and push you up in all the right places! Will definitely be getting more!" — Mflaherty

"I actually really like the quality. They were great for my SWEATY AF hot yoga class. Very comfortable and fit well. Fit as expected. I bought an XL, I probably could have bought the L, but I'm kind of in-between sizes right now and have been sizing up because I'm paranoid things will be too small. They are stretchy, so the XL fit but I'm sure the L would have also." — Emily Horlacher


"Yoga pants that fill well. They are very flattering and cool. I love hot yoga, and pants don't always look good on a sweaty body. Highly recommend!" — Christine

"I LOVE these leggings. The fabric is thick, passes the squat test, and doesn't show any sweat at all. I took it for a test run to a hot yoga class and nothing showed up. They've retained their shape and fit through several washes and look great on. Highly recommend these leggings! I have three pair— the blue, magenta, and black—and wear them daily for exercising or for going out. The price for this quality is more than fair!" — Sara Delany

"These are great! I purchased these specifically for hot yoga and was not disappointed. They wicked sweat throughout the class and even felt dry afterward. Highly recommend!" — Erin Ballou

"These are really great for hot yoga classes! They are incredibly slimming! And come at a great value, got them in a few colors! I highly recommend." —Amazon Customer

"Totally squat-proof! It’s has a slick feel on the outside but not too slippery. I'm typically large in most workout pants, but I went with a medium and they fit perfectly. Pockets are very deep and convenient. I wear these to hot yoga, and they show absolutely no sweat!" — Amazon Customer

"These are very comfortable that every time I stretch and do a yoga pose, they don't have that stocking feel that you feel stuck or constructed in." — Amazon Customer

"Let me start off by saying that these yoga pants are extremely comfortable. They're breathable, which is a must for me because I take hot yoga classes. The length is perfect, especially for the summer months. The white color is bright but not blinding. All in all, I would recommend these yoga pants 100%." — Andy 

"These leggings are a godsend. I am in love. I did not know I needed these leggings in my life, but I am so glad I have them. I have both a pair of wunder unders and a pair of the aligns by Lululemon, but I don't like them nearly as much as I like these leggings, which are only a fraction of the price. I am very interested to see how well they hold up after a few workouts though!! Friends, if you are having doubts about buying these leggings, let me assure you that they are worth every penny, and it will be the best 22 dollars you will ever spend. They are so buttery soft, and they stayed put during hot yoga and through a tough cardio workout for me without any rolling down of the waistband or any further issues. They are so comfortable (and they make my butt look fantastic) and have now become my favorite go-to legging. Without a doubt, I will be coming back for more as soon as they restock the large and I will buy every color that they come out with!" — Abril

"Comfortable, flattering, and moisture-wicking pants that are perfect for (hot) yoga! Have purchased in multiple colors and am very pleased." — Natalie M. Seewald

"These are nice. Thick, but not too thick. Compressive. I love the pocket. I can hold my phone when I run. These are great. Awesome for hot yoga, lounging, and whatever I want to do!" — Nena

"I love the fit! The material is so versatile. I wore them to hot yoga, regular yoga because they’re so comfy, and when I teach yoga because they're so adorable. I even wore them on Christmas Day to open gifts with my son. The style is super cute. The color is the perfect red. This is my third pair from this company, and I finally decided they needed to be raved about!!" — Steven 

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Ed. Note: Reviews have lightly edited for clarity.