Meet Fall 2018's Version of the White T-Shirt

One of the saddest parts about transitioning your wardrobe for the colder seasons is not being able to wear white T-shirts so often. What was once the most rotated item in your closet has now sunken to the bottom of your drawers in place of turtlenecks and wool sweaters. Well, in case you've been missing your versatile T-shirt bestie, we have just the thing that will make the transition into intense layering that much easier—henleys. 

After sorting through ample amounts of henleys to bring you the best of the best below, a lightbulb went on. Are henleys the white-shirt of fall 2018? Some of our favorite T-shirt brands have been dropping pristine versions of henleys nearly baiting us to swap our crisp white tees for something that will keep us a tad warmer as we embrace fall. Don't worry, henleys are just as easy to style and offer that brainless versatility that your army of white tees does, except these guys will ensure you're staying warm while enjoying the perks. 

Ahead, shop a curated selection of henley shirts that we know will fill that T-shirt void you currently have in your heart.