These 6 Brands Will Definitely Make You a Hat Person

Everyone can relate to grabbing a hat to cover up a bad hair day at one point or another. But—news flash—that's actually not the best use of the accessory. Beyond just the ability to hide a hairdo, a hat is the one accessory we encourage you to start considering in 2018. Because from trendy straw hats to bucket hats and berets, they elevate any look and protect you from the scorching sun all at once.

However, instead of buying the first hat you see (one you might grab in the case of such a hair emergency), we suggest you invest in this timely accessory. After all, hats may seem to be having a moment on social media right now, but a great topper is actually a classic you can keep forever. This said, the six brands ahead are a great place to start in case you're a total hat newbie.

Now you know how to top off your look. 

Opening Image: @lindatol_