I Always Shop This Denim Brand at Nordstrom—These 10 Pairs Are Worth Your Money

By now, almost everyone who knows fashion has probably heard of Good American. Founded by Emma Grede and Khloé Kardashian, the brand filled a gap in the denim industry with its size inclusivity. I actually worked at Nordstrom when the brand was first released, and I still remember how many customers would come in to buy a pair of GA jeans. I personally bought them myself (I used my employee discount often) and was also amazed at how well they fit my body. Seven years later, the brand has only grown in popularity, and you can still find the best sellers at Nordstrom along with plenty of other on-trend styles. 

If you've been thinking about purchasing some denim after hearing about all the hype the brand gets, don't wait any longer. Below, I've shared the 10 best pairs of jeans from the brand that are not only great additions to your closet but are also backed by our editors and customer reviews. 

Loose-fitting denim is in, and this is a great pair that taps into the '90s-inspired trend. On baggy denim, the waist often ends up being too loose as well, but Good American ensures that's not a problem. While baggy on the leg, the fit on the waist and butt is perfect.

Good American is widely known for its skinny jeans, as both founders have mentioned the style is their favorite. When I think of Good American, this pair comes to mind.

Almost everyone owns a classic pair of straight-leg denim, but this one adds a little edge with the ripped details and cropped hem.

And if you don't yet own the perfect pair of straight jeans, this one is for you.

If you're stuck between baggy denim and skinny jeans, flares are the way to go. The flare is actually more subtle than it looks on the model, so it's just the right amount in my opinion. (We don't want to look too retro.)

French girls often sport the palazzo jeans style, and I'm obsessed. Reviewers state that the fit of the jeans is phenomenal, and many recommend sizing up.

It's hard to find white jeans that aren't see-through, but these do the job without being too thick.

These are ideal everyday skinny jeans. They're snug in all the right places.

Here's another pair of sleek and classic straight-leg jeans—this time with only minimal distressing. Out of all the styles Good American offers, I think the straight leg has to be a favorite.

I was surprised to see that this denim jumpsuit had many stellar reviews, and they all talked about how good the fit is, how comfortable it feels due to its stretch, and the confidence boost it gave them. Jumpsuits can end up looking frumpy at times, but not this one.

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