The Best Gold Anklets and How Fashion Girls Are Styling Them RN

There’s something about gold jewelry that just feels so timeless. From chunky rings to classic hoops, it goes with practically anything, and it’s the one style you can count on to always be on-trend. Naturally, we’re pretty keen on adorning the rest of our bodies in gold, which brings us to the next jewelry trend we’re ready to embrace: gold anklets.

Once considered a summer style only to be worn with sandals and a sundress or paired with a bikini poolside, anklets have now become the year-round accessory of choice—no need to wait for beach season. And we must say, they look exceptionally cool with a pair of chunky loafers or even styled over cozy socks or tights.

Ahead, we perused our feeds to see how our favorite fashion girls are styling theirs and, of course, rounded up the coolest pieces available to shop right now. Keep scrolling for the 25 best gold anklets on the internet, at every price point. Thank us later.


1. Style With Chunky Clogs
(Image credit: @laurenegg)


2. Style With Kitten Heels
(Image credit: @savinachow)


3. Style With Party-Ready Stilettos
(Image credit: @devonleecarlson)


4. Layer Multiple Chains
(Image credit: @naomigeorgeo)


5. Style With Loafers
(Image credit: @astyleedit)

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