I'm a Fashion Editor Who's Incredibly Difficult to Shop For—29 Gifts I'd Love

What do you get the person that has everything? That's a question that people who know me well and are planning a gift for me might be asking themselves. The truth is any gift that someone gives me brings instant joy, but that sometimes doesn't make shopping for me any easier. Being a professional online shopper means that I have a way of finding everything that could be on my wish list and capturing it for myself before it could ever potentially sell out. I've spent the past year navigating the market and discovering the best of the best things. With that being said, I might just be exactly the kind of person you'd want to go to for gift ideas.

Right now, my shopping strategy is all about longevity. I am looking for things that I'll wear forever or that will have a major impact on my life. Below, find the 29 gifts that are at the top of my mind as I plan my holiday wish list.

For the girl who doesn't know what she's wearing on New Year's Eve yet (aka me).

I'll take as many comfortable black thongs as I can get.

After hearing everyone buzzing about this lip oil, I finally tried it and I already want more colors.

Nothing gets me more compliments than the Stand Studio jacket in my closet. Here's my next pick.

This is the designer bag I'm currently dreaming about.

The kind of shoes I'd like to wear to every event on my 2023 calendar.

After reading the reviews and trying it for myself, I'm telling you that this serum is life-changing.

The ideal gift for a person who has everything is a vacation so I'd be thrilled if someone gifted me a stay at my favorite hotel.

Can you tell I'm hoping for a vacation?

The love I have for Le Specs sunglasses…

I think every woman would be happy to receive these cozy boots this year.

A unique bag tends to catch my eye.

I've been dropping hints that I want socks.

This dress lives in my head rent-free.

If you haven't tried this yet, you most definitely will want to.

If you're manifesting many nights out in 2023, you'll need a bag like this.

After seeing how snatched everyone looks in this bodysuit, I'm definitely interested.

I hate that I have to say this, but I think everyone needs one of these, especially outdoor runners. (Hey, at least it's cute.)

Loewe just so happens to make my absolute favorite candles.

Cozy season has arrived in full force.

It's almost time for me to restock my favorite perfume.

The first winter accessory I want in my closet this year.

Who knew my favorite skincare product would be a lip gloss?

The confidence that I feel whenever I put a good lingerie set on is priceless.

Jia Jia offers a different set of crystals for each zodiac sign. I'm so here for it.

May we all find a bag that is as cozy as our Uggs.

An oversize sweater is a gift that keeps on giving.

The perfect gift for someone who's obsessed with strapless tops.