10 Brands I Wear All the Time But Never Talk About

Editor-Approved Fashion Brands



Trust me. I wear tons of brands, and there's nothing I love more than discovering a new one to add to my ever-growing rotation, but when I sit down and really think about it, there are obviously ones I gravitate toward more than others. Since these brands are ones I wear multiple times a week, it's only on a rare occasion that I find myself gushing about them, but without them, I'd be so lost.

Be it a T-shirt brand, athleisure brand, or new handbag brand I can't seem to stop carrying, it's time I start giving the 10 editor-approved fashion brands the attention they deserve. Some are names you might not have heard of before, and others are tried-and-true labels that you haven't thought of in a hot minute. Whatever the case, I'm excited to finally be talking about the brands I weirdly never bring up in conversation, until now.


Nagnata is a sustainable new Australian athleisure brand and it's the Merino wool pieces that I haven't been able to stop wearing. The prints, colors, and designs feel so fresh, which is hard to accomplish these days in the athleisure department. 

KBH Jewels

KBH Jewels is a newer jewelry brand focusing 100% of its efforts on sustainability. This includes everything from its lab-grown diamonds to its packaging. The rings are perfect for stacking, wearing every day, and more. 


Osoi is a new Korean brand making some of the coolest handbags I've seen in a while. They have unique detailing and are easy to wear with everything. I wear the one below almost every day as both a crossbody and a belt bag. 

Parker Smith

If you're on the hunt for the perfect pair of black jeans that don't fade and are extremely comfortable, Parker Smith is where you should search. They are so comfortable I even wear them on long flights. 

Silk Laundry

Slip dresses are a go-to in my closet, and I have acquired one too many from Silk Laundry, which offers options in every which colorway and print. This brand could be your one-stop shop for all things silky if you let it. 


I love lingerie and have tried dozens of different brands over the years. However, the one I keep coming back to is Journelle. It's not too expensive and is never fussy, meaning you can wear pretty lingerie under all your clothes with ease. 


Goldie tees are my life throughout every season. I wear the turtleneck under pretty much everything during the winter, and the tees are essential for a crisp jean-and-tee outfit come spring. 


This affordable jewelry brand is one I always get asked about when I wear it. I throw on this shell choker no matter the season, and the brand's curation of delicate layering necklaces is right up my alley when it comes to a striking neck stack. 

Double Trouble Gang

I've been a fan of Double Trouble Gang for quite some time. This is the best place to get essentials like sweatshirts and T-shirts that have a fun twist. Although it's now stocked on Shopbop, the best way to experience the brand is by heading to its site. 


Vince is not an under-the-radar brand by any means, but because it's one I wear so often, I find myself forgetting about how much I rely on it. This black slip skirt is the most-worn piece in my closet, and this handbag pulls any outfit together in the blink of an eye.