7 Brands That Have Changed My Life This Year

Warning: If you’re looking for a story on new brands, this is not it. Of course, I’ve done that already, so today’s article is a bit different. Rather than focus on the brands that are new on the scene, I’m calling out those that are either new to me or that I was already familiar with but have a newfound appreciation for over the past year or so. To put it simply: They’re just the brands I’m really loving right now and that have made dressing and shopping a lot easier over the last several fashion cycles.

From the ones I’ve been buying all my basics from to the shoes that keep making their way into my closet to the high-end labels I look to for both investment pieces and general inspiration—just when I thought I had my uniform nailed down, these brands made me change it up. To see, read about, and shop all seven, just keep scrolling.  


I am obsessed with basics, and my obsession with Agolde is veering into problematic territory. I just can’t help but continue to buy its jeans, tops, and shorts because they’re so good. I own all three of the pieces below and more.

On me: Aritzia tank; Agolde jeans

Paco Rabanne

Paco Rabanne is by no means new to the game, but I can’t be the only one who feels like, over the past couple seasons, it’s been one of the few brands actually setting the trends rather than just selling them. Most recently, it was responsible for reigniting my interest in maxi hemlines as well as chain-mail pieces.

On me: Paco Rabanne skirt; Neous sandals


Just when I don’t think I need another pair of heeled sandals, Neous pulls me in. Its shoes strike that perfect balance between being simple enough to wear with everything yet still interesting and statement-making in their own right.


I’ve been wearing Aritzia for years, but over the past few months, I’ve found myself saying, “Thanks, it’s Aritzia” or “They’re from Aritzia!” more than ever before. Currently, I’m living in its simple tanks, bike shorts, pants, and denim.

On me: Aritzia jacket and shorts


Lately, I've been wanting to both wear and buy Staud disproportionately to most other brands. I think it’s because its light, fun, and moderately priced pieces are perfect for summer—whether it’s brunch, a night out, or even a wedding.

On me: Staud top


I know what you’re thinking: Who doesn’t love Prada? And I agree. But while I used to simply admire the brand’s selection from a longing distance, I’ve recently found the value in and strong desire to start investing in the heritage brand myself. After wearing my belt bag and black miniskirt more times than I can count, the next thing I have my sights set on is its nylon shorts.


Elin Kling’s Totême is one of those brands that you can just trust. As an example, its endorsement of thong heels has given me confidence in the idea that they are a worthy investment for the season. Furthermore, you can pretty much guarantee that anything it designs will be among the category’s best versions. I confirmed this when I recently bought its Insta-famous smocked dress in black.

On me: Totême dress

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