5 Jacket Trends All the Cool Girls Are Wearing


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Want to know the cherry on top of a perfect fall look? A killer piece of outerwear. What you've put together underneath it all suddenly becomes slightly less significant as your sole purpose in life becomes to stay warm. Instead of feeling bombarded by a boring coat this season, we want to ensure you're excited by the outerwear selection hanging in your closet. The fashion girls we love have unsurprisingly pioneered the way for us yet again, and here, we've identified the five trends they have been gravitating toward this season.

From shearling jackets to patent leather coats, there's no way your look will be weighed down by anything other than a fabulous-looking topper. Whether you're rushing out the door, headed to the office, or on your way to an elegant event, the jackets and coats in the roundup ahead have undoubtedly got your back.

Go on to shop the five outerwear trends fashion girls are loving this fall.