These Forever 21 Items Are No Joke

best forever 21 fall items


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It's no secret that Forever 21 has some serious gems hidden amid all that product, but since we know you run on a tight schedule, we decided to sift through the product ourselves and round up the best of the best for you to shop. Need a few affordable fall pick-me-ups? Then lucky you—you've come to the right place.

What we found at Forever 21 proves this retailer is not messing around when it comes to fall fashion. From a chic checked coat to a feather-adorned jumpsuit, everything from party style to elevated outerwear is officially at your fingertips. Go on to shop our favorite fall items hidden at Forever 21.

That green color is perfect for the fall season. 

Wear these with everything from loafers to fancy sandals. 

Brighten up your everyday fall uniform. 

We will be wearing this over a hoodie soon too. 

Ditch your LBD—this season is all about the jumpsuit. 

Another example of how great this hue is. 

Weatherproof style doesn't have to be boring.