I Stopped Wearing Mascara Thanks to This $64 French Lash Serum

I've been on a journey ever since I first started wearing mascara in middle school. Back then, I wouldn't wear it every day, but when I did, I loved the way it made my light, stick-straight lashes look long and lifted. In high school, things took a turn for the worst when I used a formula that made my lashes look spiky and clumpy (but not in a cool way). In college, I started supplementing my natural lash look with falsies, both of the strip and individual variety. And finally, when I became a beauty writer, I began testing hundreds of different lash products—from mascara and falsies to growth-boosting serums and beyond (I even had a short stint with lash lifts). 

These days, I'll go weeks at a time without touching mascara, and it's all thanks to a little-known French lash serum. I've been using it for a few years now, and it's the only serum that makes a real and visible difference in the length, density, and definition of my lashes. Keep reading to learn which serum it is and see the matching brow serum I now use alongside it. 

Here it is in all of its chic French glory: the Talika Lipcils Expert. This lash serum has been around for a long time. It was originally introduced in 1948. Since then, researchers have optimized the formula by encapsulating its plant extracts, which include witch hazel, apple, nettle, horse chestnut, and St. John's wort, in liposomes to increase their penetration.

The brand lists a few other ingredients along with the plant extracts. There are peptides to reinforce the root of the lashes and slow loss. There are silk proteins to "sheath" the lashes and encourage them to curl. And there is coleus forskohlii, a tropical plant extract that the brand says can boost the natural pigmentation of the lashes by spurring melanin production. 

The brand offers the same formula in a limited-edition tube to celebrate its 70-year history. This is the one I have, and I must say, it has a nice vintage-inspired look. I don't mind displaying it on the tray on my vanity. 

The brand recommends using it morning and night for 28 days, repeating the cycle every three months for best results. Since it comes with a foam-tip applicator attached to a spoolie, the application is easy. Just run the foam tip along the base of the lashes to soak the roots before swiping up the length of the lashes with the spoolie. It takes only five seconds to coat each lash with the liquid, and I never experience any kind of irritation around my sensitive eye area.

I've been using it on and off for a few years now, and every time I reach for it again, I'm surprised at the visible difference I can see in just a matter of weeks. My lashes, which are naturally long yet thin and straight, look longer, darker, and curlier. It makes me confident enough to go without mascara for days (or even weeks) at a time. 

I've also been using the brand's brow serum to accompany the lash serum, and I've seen similar results there. I expected as much, seeing as they have the exact same formula, but still, I'm happy to report that my brows look healthy, dense, and refined.

Swiping on the brow and lash serums have become an integral part of my morning and nighttime routines, and it will remain that way until this 28-day cycle is up. After that, I'll wait three months before reaching for them again. What can I say? The results don't lie. 

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This lash primer never fails to extend the effects of whatever mascara I'm using afterward. 

An inky liquid eyeliner, when applied at the roots of the lashes, can boost the appearance of density. 

The same goes for a waterproof pencil when it's applied along the upper waterline. The effect is subtle, but it can still make your eyes pop. 

A good lash curler can make all the difference. I use one each and every morning without fail, even if I'm not planning on wearing mascara. 

If you love the look of lash extensions but hate going in to get them done, this kit is for you. It contains individual lashes that look incredibly natural and can be applied and removed daily or last up to 10 days with proper care. This box contains everything you need, including the lashes themselves, bonding fluid, sealant, and an application wand. 

This brow gel gives the same (albeit temporary) effect as brow lamination. It will keep your brows brushed-up and fluffy-looking all day long.

I'm a firm believer that everyone needs a spoolie and brow brush. This just happens to be a 2-in-1. 

A precise brow pencil like this one from Kosas is my go-to tool for shaping and defining my brows. 

Another defining tool, this one can be used to fake the appearance of denser brows by adding hair-like strokes.