Dull Eye Pencils Are the Worst—We Found the Best Sharpeners With Rave Reviews

We’re pretty eyeliner obsessed—from the best waterproof liners to drugstore pencils, no liner goes underappreciated around here. But even the best pencils eventually go dull. And anyone who has ever ruined one of their favorites knows that when it comes to eye pencil sharpeners, there is definitely a class above the rest. Not only will a great sharpener keep your pencil pointy and precise, but it also reveals a fresh layer of product, which can help reduce the spread of bacteria.

According to celebrity makeup artist Allie Renee, a great eye pencil sharpener is an unsung hero in your tool kit. “Cosmetic pencil sharpeners are the most sanitary and efficient way to keep your products performing at their best,” she says.

So what separates the good sharpeners from the great ones? I’m glad you asked. “Because pencils come in many shapes and sizes, I like to have a sharpener with two size options,” Renee says. “A sharp blade is a must, too! I also look for something with a housing that can be removed or opened so I can clean it.”

Better yet, even prestige sharpeners tend to be fairly inexpensive. You only have to spend a few dollars for a tool that will last years and that will keep your eye, lip, and brow pencils in fighting form.

Simply put, says the makeup pro, “It’s a must-have in your beauty collection, even if you rarely ever think about it.” If you’re in need of an upgrade, keep scrolling for 10 of the very best eye pencil sharpeners, plus pencils to pair them with.

Best eye pencil sharpeners



Renee loves this dual sharpener from Nars. “It’s sharp, works on several different sized pencils, and doesn’t take too much or too little product off; just enough to get a nice point. It also opens up to be cleaned.”

Review Highlight: Love this sharpener! I like that it comes with two sizes in it and hold the shavings after sharpening.”

This convenient sharpener has slots for small and chunky pencils, with the larger one adjusting to fit different sizes. It also comes with a small “pin” to help clean out shavings.

Review Highlight: You can’t beat the price or convenience. The shavings are not all over my vanity. Gets pencils to a nice point without ‘chewing’ them up.”

Here is another option that works with both large and small pencils, and it costs less than your daily chai latte.

Review Highlight:I love Maybelline Tattoo Eyeliner but was having a hard time sharpening the pencil. Problem solved.”

The shape of this sharpener is almost like a lipstick, making it easy to throw in your makeup bag.

Review Highlight: I absolutely love this sharpener! It contains all the mess, stays sharp, and the pencil residue doesn’t dry on the blade.”

The perfect add-on for all those Jones Road Face Pencils you stocked up on this year (and it comes with a metal cleaning stick).

Review Highlight: “I sharpened all my pencils in one sitting. Something so satisfying about my pencils ready to go when I am.”

Best eye pencil sharpeners



With two sizes and a cover to hold on to shavings, this is probably the most useful $2 you’ll ever spend.

Review Highlight: This little sharpener really does the trick. I had been thinking the eyebrow pencils I use were being made more cheaply because they kept breaking off big chunks when I sharpened them. But all I needed was a new sharpener.”

Not only does this sharpener have the requisite two sizes for all your pencils, but it's also—dare I say—elegant.

Review Highlight: This one sharpener works for everything in my generally extensive beauty collection, and is pretty and sturdy to boot! I'd imagine it will last me years, if not decades.”

Removable size adjuster? Check. Blade-cleaning tool? Check. Upbeat pink color to spruce things up? Check, check, check.

Review Highlight: Other sharpeners end up breaking my kohl eyeliner pencils because the eyeliner is so soft, but this one gives my pencils a nice point without all the breaking.”

If you’re looking for durability, a metal sharpener should be on your radar. This one has two sizes and is still reasonably priced.

Review Highlight: This is by far the best makeup pencil sharpener there is. It stays sharp and will last for YEARS!”

Urban Decay is known for its 24/7 liners and concealer pencils, so naturally it has a great sharpener to have on hand and keep them in great shape.

Review Highlight: I've only tried this with the Urban Decay eyeliner pencils, but it works exactly as expected. Good quality internal metal parts; sharpens well without wasting too much product.”