Sorry, But I Don't Like Primer—15 Pore-Minimizing Alternatives I Use Instead


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Like almost every other human, I have enlarged pores. It's always the ones around my nose and chin that give me the most trouble. Seeing their stretched-out appearance (complete with blackheads) drives me crazy. 

I hate to say it, but in the past, I would resort to pore strips, drying clay masks, and harsh scrubs to clear them out and minimize their appearance. While these things certainly worked, they never offered a long-term solution and ultimately did more harm than good to my sensitive skin. I also tried using pore-minimizing primers before applying makeup, but I was never impressed by the result. Sure, some offered a blurring effect, but it felt like I was putting a band-aid over the problem and not actually solving it. I wanted a long-term solution to my pore problem, and I found it in chemical exfoliants.


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As so many dermatologists and estheticians have taught me, the size of your pores is a predetermined thing. In other words, you can't actually shrink them, but you can minimize their appearance by keeping them clear. After all, it's pore-clogging materials like excess oil, dirt, makeup, and other debris that causes them to stretch. And when that pore-clogging material oxidizes, it becomes a blackhead. thanks. 


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Chemical exfoliants, also known as exfoliating acids, cut through that cycle. They work by dissolving the bonds that hold pore-clogging material to the skin. Some of them, called beta-hydroxy acids or BHAs, can even penetrate the pore to clear them out and stop them from looking so perceptible. These chemical exfoliants are the long-term solution to my pore problem. When I use them about twice a week, I notice my pores look small and tight, and my blackheads disappear. Not only that, but my skin is smoother, brighter, and more even. It's like a win-win-win. Ahead, see 12 chemical exfoliants I love. 

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