The 10 Pieces of Jewelry I Never Take Off

I love delicate jewelry. Actually, I'm obsessed with it. I also have a weird obsession with fine jewelry (although I can't really afford it), but that's besides the point. The real point here is that I love jewelry and am here to share with you the 10 pieces I wear every single day. These 10 pieces change seasonally, but for the most part consist of one too many rings and necklaces. Ahead, shop the assortment of everyday jewelry I wear, well, every day. In case you're bored by my selection, I also shopped out the pieces I wear when I want to spice up my look a bit. I unfortunately don't have my ears pierced, so don't expect to see too many earrings here that aren't clip-ons, but the rest should be pretty universal, if I do say so myself.

best everyday jewelry



Piece #1

I get an absurd amount of compliments on this delicate necklace. It adds just the right amount of color while still being versatile enough for me to never take off.

Piece #2

Yes, this is a shell, and yes, it goes with more than you'd think. Layered amongst the rest of my necklace stack, the shell adds the trendy touch I typically crave. 

Piece #3

The exact Jennie Kwon necklace I actually wear is no longer available, but this one is pretty dang close. Since most of my jewelry is fairly delicate, I like to liven up the collection with some colored gemstones.

Piece #4

This chain ring is so easy to stack or wear on its own. Considering I wear about six to seven rings at a time, versatile rings like this are a must.

Piece #5

This ring doesn't need much explaining. Everyone needs a solid gold stacking ring. End of story.

best everyday jewelry



Piece #6

When I got this ring, I knew I was never going to take it off. The colors are perfect and so is the size. It looks good worn with both gold and silver. It truly can do no wrong.

Piece #7

This ring I stack on top of the one you just saw. I told you—I love rings.

Piece #8

Jade Trau is one of my all-time favorite jewelry designers. While it's my dream to own one of her statement-making diamond rings, this delicate stacking one will do for now.

Piece #9

I don't think this delicate ring needs much explaining—it's another one that receives massive compliments.

Piece #10

Lastly, this stunning (and again, dainty) ring with little pink gemstones. It goes perfectly with the rest of the gold on my hands and adds a lovely glitzy touch with the pink.

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Here are some pieces when I'm trying to liven things up a bit.