These 6 Chic Fall Staples Have a Near-Zero Cost Per Wear

In the past few seasons, I've focused more on the longevity and cost per wear of items I'm considering purchasing to help me shop more strategically. I've tried to evaluate pieces based on how they fit into my current wardrobe and whether I see myself returning to them year after year. The number of times I wear something multiplied by the amount of time I own it brings down the estimated cost per wear to nearly nothing, making it a foolproof investment in my book—girl math. 

I applied this theory to my fall shopping list and narrowed it down to a few key pieces I plan to wear so frequently that the cost per wear is mere pennies. With the fashion zeitgeist shifting toward wearability, some of this season's biggest trends also happen to be wardrobe staples—meaning they'll stay in my closet for years. These six items will act as the building blocks of my fall 2023 outfits, which makes them all sound like fiscally responsible purchases to me. Below, I'm highlighting the best easy fall staples I plan to wear on repeat, from sleek loafers to tailored trousers. 




We all know the easiest way to elevate an outfit is with an accessory, and this fall is all about earrings—bold, chunky, vintage-inspired earrings to be exact. A simple jeans-and-sweater outfit suddenly feels purposeful when paired with statement earrings, which is why you've seen so many fashion people embracing the trend. Sculptural hoops or ornamental pieces can be worn with any outfit, so you'll find yourself reaching for these on repeat. Add a pair to your fall wardrobe and watch them pay for themselves.


6 of the best easy fall staples



Looser denim silhouettes have been trending for a few seasons now and show no signs of slowing down. The straight leg allows them to be paired with virtually every fall shoe style, so the styling possibilities are endless. The sheer volume of outfits you can create with one pair of relaxed jeans ensures this investment pays dividends in the wardrobe department. 


The 6 best easy fall staples



This one is hyper-specific, but trust me when I say this will act as the backbone of your fall and winter wardrobe. Consider this the plain white tee of the colder half of the year. A sleek turtleneck bodysuit will be the starting point of infinite outfits, bringing the cost per wear down near zero. Throw it on under a sweater, an oversize coat, or loads of layers for a chic base that also adds interest to your outfit. 


The best easy fall staples



Tights are a wardrobe staple, but they're definitely having a moment this fall in particular. Blame the micro-mini trend, but the fashion world is fixated on tights right now, which means there's a plethora of fresh outfit inspiration circulating to help you this season. A pair of slightly sheer tights not only adds an interesting element to your outfit but also allows you to wear some of your favorite skirts and dresses throughout the fall season to maximize your wardrobe even further.


The best easy fall staples



Trousers are another closet staple that is versatile and makes anything you style them with feel elevated. Whether you're wearing them to work or date night, they pair well with almost any top and are guaranteed to be one of your most-worn fall items. 


Where to shop the best easy fall staples



As comfortable as sneakers and as elevated as heels, loafers are the ideal fall shoes. Dressed up with a miniskirt and tights or down with loose jeans and a sweater, a good pair of loafers will be worn so often they'll basically pay for themselves.