The Best "Hidden" Categories at Zara, Mango, ASOS, and Topshop


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If you're like us, you probably turn to different fast-fashion sites for different wardrobe needs. For example, we all know that Zara has great tops and that you can't go wrong with Topshop's shoe selection, but there's a small problem: It's quite possible that you'll see the exact same pair of Topshop shoes on the feet of your most stylish friends, or the Zara top you just placed an order for on your office's fellow fashion girl. But what you probably won't spot out in the wild are pieces from the more under-the-radar categories of your favorite fast-fashion sites. Sure, they may be "hiding" in plain sight, but if you're always just going for the same categories on your favorite fast-fashion sites (like most of us, admittedly), that leaves a lot on the sartorial table. Accordingly, we took it upon ourselves to settle on the three categories at Zara, Mango, ASOS, and Topshop that may not be on your radar yet but definitely deserve your attention. 

Read on to find out what you've been missing and shop the pieces we're currently eyeing from each of these "hidden" categories.


Jeans may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you fantasize over the many wonders of Zara, but the retailer is constantly adding both forward and classic options to its denim category, and the prices are shockingly low compared to their premium denim counterparts.

Shop Zara jeans.


If you're like us and hate spending a lot of money on evening bags that you probably won't use all that much, you're in luck. Zara's pouches, clutches, and chain-strap offerings are perfect for your next night out.

Shop Zara bags.


You may not be getting the most high-quality swimwear at a fast-fashion site, but if you just want something cute to wear to the beach or pool this summer and don't care if it lasts until next year, you'd be remiss not to peruse Zara's stylish selection of swimwear.

Shop Zara swimwear.


As you can see from this blogger-approved pair, Mango's statement earrings are incredibly Instagram-worthy. Not only that, there are a lot of them to choose from, and they're affordable enough to stock up on.

Shop Mango earrings.


Violeta, Mango's plus-size line, is filled with chic, on-trend denim, dresses, night-out pieces, and more, and the stock is constantly being updated.

Shop Violeta by Mango.


If you're the type who has a tendency to lose sunglasses or if you just like having the most of-the-moment styles on hand, allow us to introduce you to Mango's stellar sunglass selection.

Shop Mango sunglasses.


Yes, you read correctly—socks have never been as cool as they are right now, and ASOS has more options than you can imagine in stock at any given time.

Shop ASOS socks.


If you want to find the coolest throwback activewear brands all in one place (think Adidas Originals, Reebok, Converse, and Puma), look no further.

Shop ASOS activewear.


Love shopping for vintage gems without leaving the comfort of your home? Head over to ASOS Marketplace, where you'll find Levi's, Champion sweatshirts, cute printed dresses, and more.

Shop ASOS Marketplace vintage.


You don't need to spend a fortune to get a cool graphic tee. Just head on over to Topshop's T-shirt section. You won't be disappointed. 

Shop Topshop tees


Eveningwear isn't easy to find, especially affordable eveningwear, which is why you might want to make Topshop your first stop next time you receive a wedding invitation that says "black tie."

Shop Topshop occasion dresses


If you're seeking pretty lingerie but don't want to blow your budget, you're in luck. There are currently almost 350 pieces in Topshop's lingerie category, which includes, bras, underwear, sets, and bodysuits.

Shop Topshop lingerie.