Found: The Best Bras for Sheer Shirts

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To show or hide your bra? That is the question whenever you put on a sheer shirt. For an important meeting, you may want to feel completely covered, but heading out for drinks with friends is a whole different story. "Think of how much do you want to show underneath the sheer top and choose the bra model accordingly," says Christiane Braun, head of product management and design for Hanro of Switzerland. But while personal preference is the most important factor, there are certain styles that are better or worse when layering with something sheer.

"If you rather want to hide the bra under the sheer top, I would suggest bras in makeup colors (skin tones, nude tones)," says Braun. "Best case, molded (without seams) to create a total invisible look." When you're looking for a style that you want to show off a bit, instead, Braun suggests something decorative. Lace details, contrasting colors, and unexpected materials like metallics all lend themselves to wearing with something sheer on top.

As for styles to avoid? Braun has some tips. First, avoid any bras that are sheer themselves: "The bra should have at least double layer or should be a spacer material." Also worth noting is the bra's construction: "Avoid bras with seams in the cup because the seams become apparent," suggests Braun.

Now that you're armed with Braun's advice, it's time for some shopping. Below, we're highlighting a few of our favorite styles to try under a sheer shirt.

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