All The Fashion Girls Are Ditching Their Favorite Jeans for This Forever Style

Truth be told, some of my favorite denim styles that I thought would last a lifetime ended up failing me in the long run and being replaced by bigger and better trends. However, when it comes to boyfriend jeans, that simply won't be the case. The effortless look will always be in style, and this type of denim is a must-have to get the look. With trends like low-rise and Y2K on the loose, let it be known that you're going to be seeing boyfriend jeans everywhere this summer.

So what exactly are boyfriend jeans? Contrary to what it may sound like, you don't have to steal from a man in your life to get this look. Any mid- to low-rise pair of jeans that is a bit baggy will get you started on the right track. Any type of distress is a bonus here, and always look for a wide leg. My favorite way to wear boyfriend jeans is with a loose and oversize top. In spring, let that be a lightweight knit. As things warm up, it can be fun to shock people by pairing baggy bottoms with a tight cropped top (like I did last weekend). Scroll on to see the many ways that fashion people are wearing them and my current favorite pairs.

Best boyfriend jeans for 2022



This oversize look is legendary, so I plan on copying it ASAP. Since this style runs a bit longer, I love seeing it paired with a micro-heel to keep it from dragging around too much.

This is the perfect pair to start with if you're just easing into baggy jeans.

I'm obsessed with low-rise, and these would be so flattering when you style them right.

White pairs of boyfriend jeans will be a must-have in every fashion person's closet this summer. The opportunities are endless.

Lana Del Rey said it best: "Blue jeans, white shirt." It's the perfect combo for summer, and I'll be having this look on repeat.

I truly haven't stopped thinking about this pair of jeans.

A unique take on distressing that I'm loving.

Best boyfriend jeans for everyone



This trend is for everyone, so don't be afraid to test-drive it at any age. Adding a polished cardigan can make it feel more dressed up.

If you want a less baggy style, then these are for you.

Best boyfriend jeans to buy into



You, too, will do a double take when you pass a mirror in these jeans. Do you see how long her legs look?

There's a reason this is one of the more popular styles.