15 Sleek Bodysuits That Will Upgrade Every Outfit

We have the utmost appreciation for the humble bodysuit. These versatile pieces have single-handedly solved the problem of tuck-in bulk in one fell swoop, and we're eternally grateful.

As any bodysuit enthusiast knows, this dance essential has evolved into a wardrobe staple in the last few years. You can now buy bodysuit blouses, button-downs, and T-shirts in addition to your standard tank tops, long sleeves, and turtlenecks. Whether you're sporting a T-shirt and midi skirt, button-down and jeans, or a tank and trousers, a bodysuit makes every ensemble that much more sleek.

Seeing as they can serve as the foundation for basically every outfit, bodysuits are some of the most frequently worn items in our closets. Below, shop the best bodysuits on the internet right now—whether you're looking for practical basics, flowy blouses, or fun going-out tops.

Bodysuit Basics



From turtlenecks to tank tops, almost every basic now has a bodysuit counterpart. These pieces serve as the foundation for nearly every outfit, whether you're wearing a tank bodysuit underneath a polished button-up or sporting a T-strap bodysuit solo. We recommend amassing a collection of bodysuit basics in a range of shades, starting with the classics: black, white, nude, and gray. 

Flowy Blouses

In our opinion, bodysuits are at their most functional when attached to a billowy blouse. This is where the real work of smoothing and streamlining excess material comes into play—you'll never have to stuff half a shirt into your rigid denim again. From button-down shirts to V-neck blouses, nearly every style now has a comfortable bodysuit attached. 

After-Hours Bodysuits

We'd argue that the bodysuit originated as a going-out essential, but the standard leotard-style tank has come a long way. From bodysuit tube tops and alluring mesh detailing to lingerie-style corsets and and see-through blouses, going-out bodysuits are an asset to any weekend wardrobe.