Update Your Winter Wardrobe in One Minute With This Practical Accessory


(Image credit: @darjabarannik)

If we’re being honest, we have to confess blanket scarves are the true unsung hero when it comes to our winter accessories. Not only is this oversize scarf the ultimate piece to finish off any ensemble this season, but, to be frank, they’re seriously cozy, and really, what more could anyone want this winter?

A chic blanket scarf can be worn in any scenario—throw it on as an added layer to keep you warm in the office, or style it with a casual outfit while you’re out running errands. You can even throw it into your carry-on during the travel season. Trust us: This is one practical accessory, wherever you go.

Ready to start shopping? Below, we’ve rounded up some of the best scarves that we know you’ll wear with everything you own, no matter the occasion. From simple solid hues to cool and vibrant prints, these scarves will be the perfect addition to all your looks.

If you're going to get any new pieces this winter, let it be one (or, okay, a few) of these.

Dale Arden Chong