15 Birthday Gift Ideas for Everyone in Your Squad

Perhaps it's just me, but it always seems like October is filled with birthday parties. It can be easy to forget one that's quickly approaching, which can lead to a last-minute scramble and a less-than-perfect gift. Since it's a fresh new month, take the time now to go through your calendar and take care of all of your gift-giving obligations in one fell swoop. Whether it's a sister you want to splurge on with the latest must-have fashion item or a small treat for a co-worker who's becoming a friend, we have stylish options to meet your needs. Since fall is finally in full swing, we made a point to curate an assortment of gift ideas that are perfect for the early days of the season (e.g., a little velvet, naturally). So pull up your calendar and take birthday-gift shopping off of your plate now; that way you can focus on what to wear to all of these parties instead.

Check out our October gift guide below!