The 22 Hair, Makeup, and Skincare Finds WWW Editors Couldn't Stop Using in July

By now, you've probably surmised that we receive, test-drive, and review a lot of beauty products here at Who What Wear HQ. From nail polish and makeup to hair and skincare, we're eyebrow-deep in all things new, exciting, and, yes, wish list–worthy. That said, due to the number of products we come in contact with on a daily basis, we've also transformed into the nitpickiest beauty consumers. Within seconds, we can tell if a new hair oil is too heavy and greasy, and we're quick to ignore a serum or foundation that yields disappointing results (no matter how many hype emails it has sitting in our inboxes—sorry!).

The good news? We're far more often impressed than unimpressed after trying out a new product, and usually, we simply can't wait to spread the word to all of our fellow beauty junkies (aka you). Therefore, we've decided gushing over our latest fave products should become a monthly ritual, and every 30 days or so, you can expect a full report detailing the highlighters, hair wands, and overnight skincare saviors we've become quickly addicted to.

For the most part, we'll be covering new and buzzworthy launches (as those typically take up most of the action atop our product-filled desks), but we won't dismiss the new-to-us products, either. Because, hey, sometimes our best discoveries are found on an old friend's vanity or on someone's face at the bar—true story. Ahead, the 22 best beauty products we tried in July! Grab your game face and wallet. You'll be needing both.

"I used to say I wasn't a lip gloss person, but I've tried so many homerun formulas recently, I've had to change my tune. Glossier's new trio has to be my favorite right now. You can choose from clear, holographic, or red, and while the latter might look intimidating, it's this sheer juicy pop of color that's really perfect for summer. I've been skipping lipstick altogether and just using it solo!"

"Friends, if you buy one skincare product and one skincare product only this month, make it these insanely killer exfoliating pads from M-61. They're not new, but ever since my AMAZING esthetician Dakota at Vanessa Hernandez Skincare recommended them to me, I've been hooked.

"I've tried other (well-known) peel pads that left me feeling pretty meh, but Dakota and I agree—there's something magical about M-61's special blend of ingredients. (Think bilberry extract, vitamin K, soothing chamomile, plus salicylic and glycolic acids.) I use them twice per week at night to keep my acne-prone skin in check and when I wake up the next morning, my skin has the most amazing glow. If there wasn't such a thing as acid overkill, I'd use them every night."

"I'm blown away by this new serum from lesser-known—but amazing—brand Acaderma. Born in San Francisco, the brand is all about science-backed, efficacious formulas from natural, nontoxic sources. Each serum is clean and boasts impressive patented ingredients like this new debut, which features an exclusive technology called Sesahelio—small, fat-soluble molecules extracted from sesame seeds.

"Loaded with antioxidants, this serum protects you from free radicals and all the ickiness our environment bombards our complexion with on a daily basis. The soothing, semi-slippery consistency is unlike anything I've ever tested before. Apply it in the morning!"

"I'm so sad I was only just introduced to lilah b.—one of the most luxurious, gorgeously packaged clean beauty brands I've ever laid face on. What's more, the products truly perform. I've been impressed with everything I've dipped my finger in, but it's this fairy-esque luminizer that has me totally captivated. It's this interesting powder-gel hybrid that's delicate in texture but blends and spreads like a dream for the perfect candlelit glow.

"Plus, it boasts plenty of skin-enhancing ingredients like black currant seed oil, carotenoids, and brown sea algae. It's really, really fabulous. Plus, this slightly duskier shade is brand-new and hot off the press."

"I have this bad habit where I put all new hair products I receive on the backburner simply because I'm super picky when it comes to my strands, and I simply don't like the majority of formulas I try. Plus, because my hair is super-highlighted and fragile, lots of hair products just don't work their way into my narrow window of hair needs.

"So, that's why it's taken me forever to try these toning drops from IGK. But now that I've finally given them the attention they deserve, they're so ingenious! Just add a few drops to literally any of your favorite hair formulas and you instantly have a brass-banishing remedy. Plus, in real newness, IGK just launched a version for brunettes." 

"I don't know if I've ever said I'm obsessed with a cleanser, but I'm obsessed with a cleanser. This Goop one, specifically. Most cleansers are pretty dismissable—all I care is that they clean my face and don't inflame my sensitive, breakout-prone skin. This one does neither, and it earns extra credit for being the only cleanser (ever) to leave my skin looking bright, clear, and pristinely clean—like I've just gotten the best facial of my life—before I've layered on any serums or creams. And, I mean, how pretty is that hue of aquamarine?! If you want to get really crazy, follow suit with the brand's AHA Pore-Refining Tonic ($68)."

"Historically, I've never been a huge hair accessories girl, save for an epic scrunchie or two, but Miss Lippy's whimsical collection of combs, clips, and pins have converted me. This adorable pink flower was my most-worn this month."

"I have this favorite face cream that I've used and obsessed over since maybe high school? Anyway, it was discontinued a couple of years ago and after buying about five tubes in bulk, I'm finally down to my last drop. Which had me extremely concerned, up until I tried this new launch from Too Faced.

"Like my old trusted, this one is spiked with SPF and has an almost identical consistency that looks amazing under makeup and gives your complexion this healthy natural glow thanks to ingredients like hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, and coconut water. I've been a fan of Too Faced's Hangover line for years, and I couldn't be more pleased with its newest addition. It's one of those products that ensures you have a good skin day regardless of what you did (or how late you were up) the night before."

"Even if you're not super knowledgeable about the K-Beauty world, the fact that this is Korea's best-selling sheet mask brand will still probably mean something to you. (It's basically the equivalent of winning five Olympic gold medals—because due to an insane amount of brand and product saturation, the competition is stiff.)

"I'm actually not a huge fan of sheet masks, which I dive into here, but these ones from MediHeal (the brand JUST launched in the U.S.!) are actually really fabulous. There are so many fun options to choose from, but this black and gold number has been my go-to. It's infused with brightening niacinamide, perky citrus oils, and dew-enhancing eucalyptus leaf, and that's all before I bring up the very best part—embedded mineralized stones that stimulate clutch acupoints on your face. It's the ultimate addition to your Sunday Scaries–fighting self-care routine."


"I can count on my hand the number of matte lipsticks I can tolerate, let alone love, so the fact that I'm currently typing about this remastered gem from Clé de Peau Beauté is quite telling. It's actually the brand's first-ever matte formula and all eight shades are stunning. Not only are they beautifully packaged (the design is inspired by Japanese kimonos), the hydrating formula keeps your lips soft and supple—a must for any great matte moment. Like I said, each shade holds its own, but I like an unexpectedly bold, rich color during the summer months, so Midnight Magic is the obvious choice."

"This masque from clean luxury haircare brand Gloss Moderne isn't new, but it's new to me and amazing, so here we go. In a nutshell, it's everything my dry summer hair needs—I knew it would be good because my friend and previous co-worker Lindsey Metrus used to sing the brand's praises, but I have to admit that I wasn't expecting it to be this good. My hair was feeling super dry and brittle, so the night before my wash day, I wet my hair, applied and combed through this mask, and wrapped myself up in an Aquis hair turban before going to bed. The next day I washed with Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner ($84), and once it had finished air-drying, I couldn't believe the difference. My hair felt perfectly hydrated, super shiny and soft, and my natural waves had never looked better or more defined. This system is a game-changer!"

"Bright lips, like corals and reds, are usually my go-to, but Nude Envie’s line of impossibly lightweight, creamy, hydrating nude shades (which truly offer something for every skin tone) have brought me to the neutral side. Intuition is a deeper brownish nude that satisfies my penchant for color while remaining simple and wearable for every day."

"I truly don’t remember life before I used Odacité’s cleansing water to remove my makeup each night. The Ayurvedic-inspired, turmeric- and holy basil–rich concoction effectively erases my makeup with one swipe while detoxifying and brightening my often tired, muddy complexion. Plus, the liquid is a gorgeous electric blue color that looks lovely on my countertop. Obsessed."

"I’m not one for powder highlighters (I prefer creams and sticks). but Dior’s new quad of subtly shimmery, devastatingly pretty luminizers is an exception. The powders can be dusted on the cheekbones for a luminous glow or packed onto the lids for a youthful, whimsical eye makeup look. I am smitten with the versatile champagne-y shades and the formula’s blendability."

"I try to keep my beauty routine as clean as possible, so I was quite excited to try Kora Organics' new product Noni Bright Vitamin C Serum. One thing I've heard over and over again from beauty experts is that vitamin C should absolutely positively be part of your skincare routine. It is proven to brighten your skin and help even out things like acne scars and any hyperpigmentation, and so far, it's done exactly that for me. Plus, it doesn't hurt that the smell is simply divine."

"I was on the hunt for a glowy bronzer to subtly complement my summer tan so, naturally, I asked Erin for her help. She probably had like 13 suggestions, but after some back and forth, she concluded that Kevyn Aucoin's Neo Bronzer was probably what would best do the trick for me, and fit what I was looking for. Of course, she was right and I love it. The gradient powder has shimmer on one end and bronzer on the other, which blend together perfectly. It's also easy to apply with a brush (which is an important factor for me), so I'm more likely to actually use it when I'm rushing out the door in the morning. A glowy, tan look with no messy fingers involved? Win-win."

"I consider myself to be a makeup novice. I have a standard makeup look that consists of a thin cat-eye, red lipstick, and a swipe of brow gel and I rarely experiment outside of that. It's safe to say that I'm the last person to order a huge eye shadow palette, so when I heard about a new eye shadow product from Kosas, a clean beauty brand I already love and trust, I was curious to test it out. Dubbed 10-Second Eyeshadow, it's a shimmery liquid formula that's as quick and simple to apply as the name suggests. You just slide the applicator all over your lid, then dab it in using your finger, and then depending on how subtle or bold you want to go, can layer on more pigment—so yes, it's like it was made specifically for uncoordinated people like myself."

"I was initially a little perplexed by the fact that this powder only comes in three shades, but I threw caution to the wind and ordered the medium shade after deciding the setting powder I've been using for years wasn't doing the trick for me anymore. I've yet to meet a Charlotte Tilbury product I don't love, and the reviews for this one are so good, so I'm not surprised that it didn't disappoint. After realizing how sheer the powder is, I see why there are only three shades offered—it looks incredibly natural. That said, I do find that a little goes a long way if you want to keep a slightly dewy look."

"If you sort of feel like every new skincare product on the market lately is CBD-derived, you're not entirely wrong. But one of the first on the scene was Lord Jones. I was excited to get my hands on its new maximum strength Royal Oil, which combines CBD with grape seed oil, another buzzy ingredient. The smell is a bit of an acquired taste, but it's indicative of the oils being super pure and concentrated. I've been adding a couple of drops into my nightly moisturizer and I've already noticed a difference in the plumpness of my skin throughout the day. The oil will also help with muscle aches on the body, and who can resist a multiuse product?"

"When it comes to Versed, I'm basically a broken record at this point, but that's because I am continuously impressed by the results of all (and I seriously mean all) the products I have tried so far. My newest obsession from the brand is the vitamin C powder. According to the very detailed and easy to understand directions, you can mix this powder into basically any other product you put on your face. If you're a skincare novice like me, adding powder to a serum or moisturizer might seem strange, but this dissolves instantly into the product of your choice. This vitamin C powder is meant to brighten up your skin and bring out its natural glow while simultaneously firming and evening out your skin tone. If you're thinking this product is essentially a gold mine, you would be correct."

"This Caudalíe salicylic acid serum has really helped my acne after I went through the wringer with other products that weren't helping. After a few years of relatively normal skin, my acne decided to come back with a vengeance last year. Since then, I've tried a few beloved products like Renee Rouleau's Anti Bump Solution and IS Clinical Active Serum, but my acne persisted, so I rotated them out. My dermatologist even prescribed an oral medication called spironolactone, which has definitely helped but not completely. Fingers crossed, but I think this serum is my best find so far. I use it in conjunction with my regular routine, which includes Caudalie Instant Foaming Cleanser ($28), Tatcha Water Cream ($68), and PCA Skin Sunscreen ($36)."

"As someone who is constantly testing new beauty products, I have to admit that many of them don't quite live up to their huge claims—there are few products that hold up to their promises of lasting for 12 hours or making you look years younger. But ever since I tried Augustinus Bader's face cream last year, I've been telling everyone I know that it's worth the investment. I noticed the texture of my skin actually changed after using it. My complexion no longer had dry patches halfway through the day, and it was constantly even and plump. So when I learned about the just-launched body cream, I knew I had to try it. I'll start out by saying I generally loathe body creams and stick to oils instead. I can't stand the filmy feeling of body creams, but this one sinks right in to leave your skin extra hydrated. And, like the face creams, it was also formulated with stem cell technology to renew your skin. The only caveat? It's expensive. $165 for body cream is an expensive habit to form, but I'll be using this jar to the very bottom."

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