6 Editors Share Their #1 Product in Every Category, From Perfume to Mascara

I don't know about you, but my beauty wardrobe probably consists of about 50 different categories of products, from gadgets and gizmos to shaving soothers, sheet masks, and pimple-eradicating potions. The catch? On a weekly basis, I'm only using a fraction of said products. And not surprisingly, most people I've talked to—including friends, family members, readers, and fellow editors—seem to find themselves in a similar boat when it comes to their beauty collections.

Last year, the Who What Wear team conducted a survey, asking readers which products they used the most often and consistently within their routine, and there were 20-ish that popped up over and over again. Intrigued and nosy per usual, I decided to ask each member of the WWW beauty team (myself included) to choose their choice product from each of those most-used categories you, as readers, seem to value the most. Keep scrolling to discover our top picks and why we love them.


The Editors
(Image credit: Who What Wear)


Daytime Moisturizer

Nighttime Moisturizer

Face SPF


Body Lotion

Body Wash


Body Scrub/Exfoliator