6 Editors Share Their #1 Product in Every Category, From Perfume to Mascara

I don't know about you, but my beauty wardrobe probably consists of about 50 different categories of products, from gadgets and gizmos to shaving soothers, sheet masks, and pimple-eradicating potions. The catch? On a weekly basis, I'm only using a fraction of said products. And not surprisingly, most people I've talked to—including friends, family members, readers, and fellow editors—seem to find themselves in a similar boat when it comes to their beauty collections.

Last year, the Who What Wear team conducted a survey, asking readers which products they used the most often and consistently within their routine, and there were 20-ish that popped up over and over again. Intrigued and nosy per usual, I decided to ask each member of the WWW beauty team (myself included) to choose their choice product from each of those most-used categories you, as readers, seem to value the most. Keep scrolling to discover our top picks and why we love them.

The Editors


Who What Wear

"This smells amazing and takes off makeup so easily without leaving any residue. It also doesn't irritate my eyes, which is a major win for someone who often takes off their makeup before going on a run." — Katie Berohn, Beauty Editor

"I just can't go without it—it's juicy and hydrating and keeps my skin perfectly balanced. Irreplaceable!" — Erin Jahns, Beauty Director

"This seaweed-infused gel cleanser has been a game changer for my skin for the past few months. It's beyond soothing and keeps my skin looking radiant and clear." — Maya Thomas, Assistant Beauty Editor

"This is a gentle, non-drying cleanser that does everything you want a cleanser to do. It removes my sunscreen and concealer without stripping my skin." — Kaitlyn McLintock, Associate Beauty Editor

"This is a solid formula that's good to have on hand if you want a proper, thorough cleanse. It's made with white willow bark, which exfoliates and tightens the appearance of pores, and antioxidants derived from chamomile and centella asiatica, which help heal skin damage. My skin never feels as clean as it does when I use this." — Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director, Branded Content

"Obsessed with this cleanser. I love that it both exfoliates and brightens. It's a great daily option that's gentle but still treats hyperpigmentation and acne without drying out your skin." — Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

Daytime Moisturizer

"This is my ride-or-die daytime moisturizer. It has so many powerhouse ingredients, and it gives you a serious glow almost instantly." — Hudson

"It's so hard to find a solid daytime moisturizer when you run oily and acne prone. This one is my favorite of all time. It staves off unwanted greasies, it doesn't clog pores, and it gives you the best hit of long-lasting, dewy hydration." — Jahns

"This cream just can't be beaten. It provides hydration while also plumping up skin in the most beautiful way. It's my secret weapon for priming skin before doing makeup." — Schlisserman

"This just might be my favorite moisturizer of all time. It never fails to deeply moisturize, soothe, and smooth my redness-, dehydration-prone skin." — McLintock

"I love following Osea's Ocean Cleanser with its Atmosphere Protection Cream since it does such an amazing job of hydrating the skin and locking in much-needed moisture." — Thomas

"I love this moisturizer for daytime because it's lightweight and doesn't interfere with my makeup, but it's still really moisturizing. I'm on my second jar." — Berohn

Nighttime Moisturizer

"I know it's expensive, but I would take a bath in this." — Berohn

"I never stray from this nighttime cream because it keeps my finicky, easily irritated skin on its best behavior. It's a great oil-free option that provides adequate moisture while simultaneously helping to correct any ills while I sleep." — Jahns

"I'm all about preventative care for my skin, and this moisturizer from SkinCeuticals is an absolute gem. It visibly improves my skin's texture, tone, and evenness while also keeping it radiant." — Thomas

"Okay, this is technically a mask, but you can actually slather your skin with it at night and wake up to the glowiest skin of your life. It's pure luxury. It's infused with 24-karat gold, silk extract with antioxidant properties, a probiotic, and a combination of peptides that help firm and tone skin while adding a nice glow. I also appreciate that it's made with black currant–seed oil, which helps reduce visible redness. I don't use it every single night, but adding it into my nighttime routine a few nights a week has done wonders for my skin." — Schlisserman

"Here's another serious winner from Luzern that has retinol and other key ingredients that help reveal brighter, firmer, younger-looking skin overnight. It's pricey, but I've said it once, and I'll say it again: Luzern products are some of the only high-end products I think are absolutely worth the price point. You'll start to notice results after one or two uses." — Hudson

Face SPF

"This is a great physical sunscreen that works well for sensitive skin. It does leave a bit of a white cast, but it's definitely one of the best SPFs I've used that doesn't sneak in chemical filters." — Hudson

"I tried this thanks to the seriously amazing ratings and rave reviews it's gotten, and I keep using it because it's just as magical as the people say! It's noncomedogenic and one of the few formulas that don't cause me to break out. It's mineral and über-clean (which is important to me), and it melts into your skin perfectly with zero ashy casts or weird finishes. In fact, it makes your skin look pretty phenomenal—I always get compliments!" — Jahns

"This is my go-to everyday SPF for my face. It's basically a primer. It's lightweight and totally invisible and leaves skin with a velvety finish. I use it as the last step in my skincare routine and either wear it as is or apply my makeup over it. I also love that it helps protect skin from blue light, which I desperately need since I'm behind my computer for the majority of the workweek." — Schlisserman

"This is my all-time favorite sunscreen. It's lightweight and silky and doesn't leave a white cast. It's also hydrating thanks to multiple weights of hyaluronic acid. It does tend to leave my skin shinier than I would like, but that's nothing a touch of translucent powder can't fix. I've repurchased three times now, and I'm truly obsessed." — McLintock

"Like so many melanin-blessed girls, I've always struggled to find a face SPF that doesn't give my skin a gray cast. This one by Fenty Skin leaves my skin looking dewy and fresh while providing it with protection from the sun's harsh rays." — Thomas

"This is hard for me because I love and use so many sunscreens. I'm choosing this one because it doesn't leave any sort of residue and rubs in immediately. It's SPF 50 (I'm pale, so this is big for me), and above all, it's water and sweat resistant for up to 40 minutes, which is something I found many face sunscreens don't have when I began marathon training." — Berohn


"Believe the hype—this calming, plumping, and firming serum is a game changer." — Berohn

"I have a few serums that I absolutely can't live without in the name of smooth, clear, healthy-looking skin, but if I had to choose, this is probably the one I would be the most lost without. Vitamin C products can actually be super irritating and inflammatory if they're not formulated correctly and with certain skin types in mind. This is the only one that's ever played nice with my pimple-prone complexion, and it's made a huge difference in the overall tone, clarity, and brightness of my skin over time." — Jahns

"I've recently begun to incorporate serum into my skincare routine. This serum from Summer Fridays has been a great way to lock in moisture and reduce any puffiness and redness." — Thomas

"This serum is gentle, hydrating, and nourishing. It never triggers my rosacea or causes irritation. It's basically everything you want out of a daily skincare product." — McLintock

"The iconic C E Ferulic is a staple for a reason: It really, really works. It's a patented formula with a blend of 15% pure vitamin C, which brightens skin; 1% vitamin E, which replenishes skin lipids; and 0.5% ferulic acid, which is a plant-based antioxidant that basically enhances the benefits of vitamins C and E. What all of it means is that, with continued morning use, you will see brighter, glower, more youthful-looking skin within a few days to a week." — Schlisserman

Body Lotion

"I'll never stop using this luxe body butter from Mutha. All of the brand's products are fantastic, but this body butter offers so much moisture without being overly heavy." — Hudson

"It's deeply moisturizing, and I swear it even gives my skin a subtle firming effect. Plus, it works like a charm to minimize razor burn." — McLintock

"This is a perfect body lotion that's clean and loaded with all of the essentials—such as jojoba oil, squalane, shea butter, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid—to keep your skin hydrated, supple, and ultra-healthy. Highly, highly recommend!" — Jahns

"I'm totally obsessed with the Carea Cream from Soft Services. It mildly exfoliates and is deeply hydrating with urea, squalane, and colloidal oatmeal. My skin just eats it up." — Schlisserman

"TikTok made me purchase this body lotion, and I'll be forever grateful. I always look forward to slathering on this rich (but never sticky) body lotion after a long, hot shower at the end of my day." — Thomas

"I am a body-lotion devotee. I've probably tried upwards of 50 lotions, but this one will always be my favorite for softer, smoother, more hydrated skin." — Berohn

Body Wash

"I've never found a body wash I like better than this one. It is gentle and hydrating but still foams, which is important to me. I just don't feel like I'm getting clean unless my body wash has a rich lather." — Berohn

"I'm someone who regularly self-tans, so I 100% need some gentle exfoliating action when it comes to my body wash to ensure everything stays even and natural looking. This one from Kosas smells light (but heavenly) and has AHAs and fruit enzymes that de-clog pores, smooth any bumpy skin texture that's happening, and help prevent body breakouts to boot. It also has a rich lather, which I appreciate." — Jahns

"I've been using this body wash for a couple of years now and haven't grown tired of it. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and moisturized and smells absolutely amazing." — Thomas

"Find me someone who isn't obsessed with Nécessaire's The Body Wash. It's a simple, gentle yet effective formula that doesn't strip skin of its moisture." — Schlisserman

"I love this clean, simple body wash. It smells amazing and has a nice lather. I just wish it came in a larger bottle." — Hudson

"It's strangely difficult to find good bodycare products with vitamin C, which is why I always keep a bottle of this close by. It cleans well, it gives me all the benefits of vitamin C, and it even refreshes my mood thanks to a subtle citrus scent." — McLintock


"This was tough, but I think this captures my fragrance MO perfectly—think warm floral à la fennel-gentian flower extract, jasmine superinfusion, and bourbon vanilla." — Hudson

"I have so many perfumes I really love, but ask anyone who's around me, and they'll tell you Young Rose is my signature. It's timeless, light, and unlike anything you've ever smelled before thanks to the unique push and pull of Sichuan pepper, orris, damascena rose, musk, and ambroxan." — Jahns

"It's really hard to pick one fragrance, but I always come back to Celuí fragrance. There's something so familiar and comforting about it, almost as if you're being spritzed with a big, warm hug. It has notes of jasmine, gardenia, cedarwood, and marigold, which create a mood-boosting blend that I never regret wearing." — Schlisserman

"This fragrance adds the most delicate, warm, and soft scent to skin, and I'm obsessed. It's all thanks to notes of skin musk, bergamot nectar, and blonde wood. No matter how often I wear it, I never get sick of it." — McLintock

"If I had to pick one fragrance that has stood out to me recently, it would have to be this gorgeous woodsy, floral fragrance by Maison Francis Kurkdjian. It's the perfect day-to-night eau de parfum." — Thomas

"This is the hardest question on earth for me, but I think my be-all, end-all fragrance has to be Tom Ford Black Orchid. It was my first-ever fragrance, and I still love it so much. On the newer end, Byredo's Vanille Antique has been on heavy rotation ever since it was released last year." — Berohn

Body Scrub/Exfoliator

"My biggest complaint with body scrubs is that they're messy, and this Buffing Bar completely takes any mess out of exfoliating." — Berohn

"For anyone that struggles with keratosis pilaris like me, then you need to add this Buffing Bar to your shower routine stat. It's made of superfine sanding crystals compressed within a moisturizing, soothing base. In the shower, use it in a circular motion up your legs. You'll notice a huge improvement in any bumps and texture pretty quickly. I wouldn't lie to you—this stuff saves me, especially in the winter." — Schlisserman

"I, too, just cannot do body scrubs—they're gloopy and messy and often leave an icky film on my skin, and I just feel like more of it ends up down my drain than on my skin. So I'm team buffing bar as well! Glossier's is an addiction. Expect baby-soft and smooth skin sans irritation." — Jahns

"Twice a week, I love to go in with this exfoliating scrub by Nécessaire to keep my skin looking bright and healthy. I have sensitive skin, and this exfoliator does its job without causing any annoying inflammation or discomfort after the job is done." — Thomas

"I love that this offers light chemical and physical exfoliation. I used to be a dedicated coffee-scrub user, but this changed the game for me, and it's much gentler on the skin (not to mention less messy)." — Hudson

"I love this body scrub so much that I've gone through three separate jars of it. With crushed sugar, passionfruit oil, shea butter, and vitamin E, it's just abrasive enough to slough away dead skin without causing irritation. Plus, it just feels so luxurious." — McLintock


"I'll never shut up about this mascara. It's literally one of the best formulas I've ever used. It curls, lifts, and lengthens my lashes without clumping or flaking. There's also no transfer, which is one of the biggest things I look for in a mascara." — Hudson

"This is so hard because I don't know if there is another beauty category I'm quite as passionate about. I just love fluttery, long, Bambi-like lashes. I feel like I change my mind about my favorite-ever mascara every damn week, so I hesitate to go on the record, but recently, I've returned to Roller Lash and forgot why I'd ever strayed. If you want best-in-class curl and length, it's an oldie but a goodie! I wore it on a press trip recently, and when other beauty editors compliment your lashes and ask what you're wearing, you know you're onto something good." — Jahns

"This is a keeper, and I know it's one of Erin's favorites as well. Coming from someone who suffers from chronic eyelid swelling, this stuff causes me zero irritation. The wand is extremely flexible, making it ideal to reach and coat every last lash, and it gives me the dreamiest lashes without fail." — Schlisserman

"I don't care how old school it may seem, but I'm still a loyal fan of this mascara. While there are more modern formulas out there, this one adds the perfect amount of density to my lashes." — McLintock

"I can always depend on this mascara to have my lashes looking long, voluminous, and lengthened. It also provides a rich, glossy color that lasts all day without having to be reapplied." — Thomas

"This is tough because I'm constantly cycling through mascara. I love this Caliray one in addition to Ilia's Volumizing formula because they're buildable without looking spidery, and they don't smudge under my eyes." — Berohn


"This is just the most universally flattering and blendable blush." — Berohn

"I love, love, love these blushes from Hourglass and have been coming back to them over and over for years. My favorite shades are Diffused Heat and Radiant Magenta. They have a flattering, lightly radiant finish that really makes you glow, but not obscenely." — Jahns

"Here's another TikTok find that I'm obsessed with! I love all of the brand's liquid blushes, but Encourage is the shade that gives my cheeks the sweetest hint of natural-looking color." — Thomas

"It's the internet's favorite blush for a reason. Not only does it come in so many joyful shades, but the formula is also creamy and buildable and adds the prettiest healthy flush of color to your cheeks. Because the formula is so pigmented, I suggest you apply a small amount to the back of your hand and use a brush to apply some to your cheeks. Blend it out, and wait for the magic to happen." — Schlisserman

"This blush is so creamy, pigmented, and easy to blend. I didn't use to be much of a blush girl, but now, I can't live without this." — Hudson

"Not only is the color range perfect, but these blushes also have a silky formula that's buildable and blendable and gives me a natural-looking flush." — McLintock


"Whatever is beyond obsessed is what I am for this concealer! Skincare-level ingredients, satisfying (but natural-looking) coverage, and zero creasing. The stuff of miracles!" — Jahns

"This is basically the only concealer I use now. It does mattify a bit, but it's never drying, and the formula is just so good." — Hudson

"This concealer is it. It has the same silky finish as the Luminous foundation but adds a little more radiance to the under-eye area." — Schlisserman

"This concealer is so seamless—it never creases and covers everything without looking heavy." — Berohn

"This is such an underrated concealer. First, the shade match is incredible. Second, the formula is lightweight and smooth, so it never looks cakey." — McLintock

"I tend to be extremely picky when it comes to concealers but love this one by Fenty. I've worn it for years because I love how bright and even my skin looks without much effort." — Thomas

Eye Shadow

"This is twinkly, adorably packaged, and perfectly coordinated so you have the easiest lid look right at your fingertips. I think I have every single shade at this point." — Jahns

"I love Jones Road Ash eye shadow because it's cool toned and such a good formula. It lasts all day with minimal fallout. I've recently been gravitating toward the Chanel Les 4 Ombres palette as well because the colors are so pigmented and buttery." — Berohn

"There's nothing more perfect than discovering a palette with shades that all complement my skin. I love to use them interchangeably as highlighters and eye shadows, bringing a hint of brightness and/or color wherever I need it." — Thomas

"No matter what palette I reach for, my Makeup By Mario eye shadows never disappoint me. While this isn't technically just an eye shadow, it looks incredible when applied to the lids. it's subtle and shimmery and almost wet looking. I love it." — McLintock

"The two-in-one Iconic London Glaze Crayons are my favorite for creating eye looks on the fly. One end is a creamy eye-shadow crayon that you can sweep, pat, and blend over your eyelid with your fingers, and the other end is a non-sticky gel that can be applied on top to create a wet-looking glaze effect. They come in so many amazing shades, so I always have a few in my makeup bag, and they've never let me down." — Schlisserman

"If I could only choose one eye-shadow palette to use for the rest of my life, it would be this one. It's so pigmented and great for creating both day and night looks." — Hudson

Lip Gloss

"It's hydrating, plumping, and not sticky." — Berohn

"This is seriously one of the best lip glosses I've ever used. It gives you such a gorgeous, lifted pout every time, and the colors are stunning." — Hudson

"I honestly haven't been able to stop using this lip oil since I got hooked on it nearly two years ago. While Rosewood will forever and always be my favorite shade, I own it in every single one. How's that for commitment?" — Thomas

"This is the perfect lip gloss. It's ultra-plumping (think filler-esque!), has a smooth-not-sticky formula, is super shiny, and is boosted with skincare-grade ingredients—even SPF!" — Jahns

"This gloss is moisturizing and non-sticky, which I love. But I have to be honest: The real reason I love it is the color. This bright orange-red is so flattering. Every time I wear it, I get compliments." — McLintock

"Technically, this Makeup by Mario product is a lip serum, but it adds the perfect amount of shine to lips, so I consider it a hybrid. It's so emollient, feels amazing on your lips, and has the most subtle cooling sensation thanks to the plumping properties." — Schlisserman

Shampoo & Conditioner

"This is one of the only shampoos that cleanses my thick hair really well without drying it out. It'll always be a staple in my routine." — Hudson

"The conditioner is equally as good. It leaves my hair so soft and hydrated." — Hudson

"This shampoo works its magic by seeking out broken bonds caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage, restoring a healthy look and feel to hair. I love how it lathers up in the shower and keeps my hair looking and feeling its best." — Schlisserman

"My favorite shampoo of all time. It effortlessly cleanses (even when I've gone four days without washing lol) but still keeps my lightened strands strong, healthy, and hydrated. A miracle worker!" — Jahns

"I'm predictable. I love the Olaplex No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner just as much as the shampoo." — Schlisserman

"To really get the full effect and enhance the moisture and shine, I highly recommend the conditioner as well." — Jahns

"I wasn't blessed with full, healthy hair, and I need all the help I can get as far as volumizing goes. This shampoo doesn't weigh down my fine hair, yet it cleanses it well and leaves a soft fragrance behind. I love it." — McLintock

"The same goes for the matching conditioner. It prevents split ends and moisturizes my dry and brittle hair without weighing it down or making it look greasy." — McLintock

"This cleaning rinse from Camille Rose has never let my 4c curls down. It keeps them looking and feeling bouncy, shiny, and healthy." — Thomas

"I always follow Camille Rose's Cleansing Rinse with its Conditioning Custard. I have 4c hair that can sometimes be difficult to work through, but this conditioner always does the trick." — Thomas

"I just love how this shampoo smells and how silky it makes my hair feel." — Berohn