These Are the Comforting Beauty Products I Get Out Every Autumn

After a rather hot summer, fall is set to start rolling in. And, as we prepare for 10-degree drops and chilly winds, is anyone starting to feel a bit (dare I say it) excited? Trust me—I love summer as much as the next person, but there is something really quite wonderful about the few weeks that come after summer, before the beating winds and drizzle blow in, when the air is crisp and cool, but the sun is still shining.

And after six months of wishing that being outside felt a little bit more normal, I’ve never been more ready to batten down the hatches and get into full-blown nesting mode. Of course, in true beauty-editor style, while some prepare to throw themselves into home DIY projects and baking experiments, I’m getting stuck into planning my autumn beauty routine.

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After a summer of often uncomfortable climes, I’m ready to start giving my body the TLC it deserves once more. If anything, for me, a drop in temperature at the start of autumn is simply an excuse to whip out the most luxurious beauty products I own and embrace a bit of self-care ahead cozy evenings on the sofa. With me? Keep scrolling for the go-to beauty products I love to phase back into my routine come autumn.

Thick Body Cream

I always look forward to this release. In fact, it’s probably my favorite beauty launch of the year. The Body Shop’s Vanilla Pumpkin range smells sweet but not eye-wateringly sickly like so many other seasonal beauty offerings. To be quite honest, I spend the second half of August counting down the days until I can start cocooning myself limbs in this nourishing cream.

Luxurious Shower Oil

Anyone that knows me knows that this is in my top five beauty products ever created. However, come summer, I usually reach for a zesty gel over this skin-softening oil. The minute the mercury drops though, this stuff comes straight back out. It’s lightweight but nourishing and comforting in the best way possible. And it smells absolutely divine.

Sumptuous Cleanser

As we head into autumn, it’s normal for our skin to start drying out a little. While thick, rich cleansers are usually too much for my oily summer skin, there’s something so calming about treating my stressed-out complexion to a little facial massage with this melting cleansing balm before bed.

Soothing Serum

Speaking of stressed-out skin, the change in temperature wreaks havoc with my complexion. Adding a soothing serum into my daily routine is absolutely essential if I want to minimize redness and irritation. This year, Aurelia’s new CBD-infused serum is my reach-for. It’s wonderfully calming and feeds my skin just the right amount of hydration.

Creamy Bath Soak

I love a bath all year round, but my soaks in the summer are usually short, cool dips. As autumn rolls around, I look forward to embracing long, luxurious baths once again. This creamy bath soak from Elemis not only smells delightfully fresh, it also leaves skin feeling impossibly soft.

Comforting Candle

Name me a better feeling that closing the curtains on an autumn evening and lighting the most comforting candle in your collection. Every year, I struggle to get my hands on Diptyque’s Limited Edition city candles (they only sell them in the boutiques of the relevant city and sell out online super-quickly). However, because of current circumstances, this year the entire collection is available to shop online from 17thto 27thSeptember. I have spent years longing to get my hands on the New York scent, and this year my time has come. Trust me, the warm, woody but slightly spicy aroma was totally worth the wait.

Face Oil

My oily, sensitive skin doesn’t really lend itself to irritating, breakout-inducing facial oils, however that doesn’t mean I don’t want to revel in their beauty whenever my skin starts to dry up a little. This formula has rosehip for sensitive skin, and it could just revolutionize my autumn routine.

Lip Stain

Although my autumn skin and bodycare routine might seem a bit extra, when it comes to makeup in the autumn, I take a much more laissez-faire approach. Glowing skin, fluffy brows, and a hint of color on my lips is my go-to look, but wooly sweaters/blankets and sticky lip products don’t tend to mix. Instead, my autumn lip collection consists of non-drying, budge-proof stains, much like this one.

Nourishing Eye Cream

Although I love the ritual of applying eye cream, I’m also prone to milia (those small, but stubborn, white bumps that often form around the eyes) and thick creams combined with excess oil production don’t help. Come autumn, however, my eye area starts to show signs of dryness and takes to product much better. This glow-boosting, non-greasy cream from Bobbi Brown is one of the richest yet usable eye creams I have ever come across.

Hydrating Face Mask

It might seem obvious, but slathering on a super-hydrating face mask is one of my favorite things to do come autumn. This mask from one of my favorite affordable skincare brands contains plant-based collagen that's great for even skin texture.

Warming Perfume

I really love fresh, zesty fragrances, but come autumn there is definitely something to be said for a slightly headier, warmer scent. Each year, I opt for a different autumnal spritz. This time around, this deeply warming perfume is set to be my go-to. With delicately floral top and middle notes, its base comprises of ambrette, tonka, vanilla bourbon, and cedarwood for a rich, comforting finish.

Rich Moisturizer

Not only does this face cream offer up sumptuous hydration, it also contains immortelle super extract to help combat signs of ageing, as well as natural antioxidant ingredients to help fend of damage caused by external aggressors. Having said that, it’s the soft, silky texture that makes it a winner for me.

Softening Foot Cream

After a summer in Birkenstocks, my feet are in need of some serious help. This incredibly rich cream contains a bunch of hydrators as well as acids to gently exfoliate. The best bit? It smells like an actual spa. Plus, it doesn’t leave feet feeling overly greasy.

Comforting Lip Balm

My dry lips freak out at the best of times, but a sudden drop in temperature is sure to leave them cracked and uncomfortable. Recently, I discovered that my favourite Lanolips balm comes in a stick, ideal for when I’m out and about and don’t want to touch my face. It’s my new all-time favorite.

Repairing Hair Mask

Just like the skin, hair has a tendency to dry out come autumn, too. A summer of fun has left my bleached strands absolutely frazzled. This super-conditioning hair mask only has to be left on for two minutes and it totally transforms my hair.


Finding new ways to amp up my glow is quite honestly one of my favorite pastimes. Come autumn, I always find myself reaching for a rich, moisturizing primer. This new addition to my collection is set to become one of my autumn staples thanks to its plumping finish and rich, creamy scent.

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This post originally ran on Who What Wear UK.