New Neckline Alert—This Fall Micro-Trend Will Update All Your Basics

There is a new micro-trend in town this fall and winter season and thanks to the endless amount of online shopping I do, it was pretty easy to spot. I slowly started noticing that the necklines on everyday basics such as long sleeve tees, bodysuits, and sweaters had morphed into a new shape. That shape is completely asymmetric and either slip off the shoulder entirely or makes a sleek little cutout but neither occurs without making the distinctive angular shape around the neckline.

This subtle yet exciting new detail is the perfect micro-trend to add to your assortment of basics for it proves to be just as versatile while still offering that bit of spice you look for when wearing a new trend. This one is easier seen than explained, so I'll let the 27 asymmetrical tops ahead do all the talking for me. 

A little less off-the-shoulder and a lot more slit. 

This stunner also comes in black which I included later on. 

If this isn't what we call a "trendy basic" I don't know what is. 

This one is already selling out so stock up while you can. 

I personally own this and can assure you it will grant you many compliments. 

The perfect top to wear with jeans? I think yes. 

From the price to the color, this one is a must-have. 

We suggest investing in the matching skirt as well. 

Chocolate brown is one of this season's biggest color trends. 

If you already added the black version to your cart, just go ahead and add the white as well. 

There's nothing prettier than pale blue if you ask me. 

Leave it to Dion Lee to make the coolest version of this top. 

This trendy basic will look marvelous with all of your leather pants and skirts. 

Now this is what I call a statement knit. 

I honestly have to look away. This whole outfit is too good.