These Are the Only Spring 2021 Shoe Trends That Matter


(Image credit: Courtesy of Erdem, Molly Goddard, Acne Studios, Stella McCartney)

Craving something to look forward to next year? Then I think the sparkling new shoe trends from the S/S 21 runways should do just the trick. While we are still quite uncertain of what next year will end up looking like, there is one thing we can count on and that is the plethora of sartorial newness that is just around the corner. Now, if you find yourself sitting there reading this wondering when on earth you're going to muster up the courage to kick off your house slippers and step into something a tad more polished, my answer to you is you actually don't have to. Intrigued? Then I suggest you keep reading. 

Designers aimed to please with their carefully curated assortment of footwear, ultimately providing a list of five spring shoe trends that are equal parts practical and stylish. No sky-high heels or liquid latex over-the-knee boots—just a handful of extremely wearable spring shoe trends you'd be crazy not to add to your carts either now or later. 

Keep scrolling to see the only spring 2021 shoe trends that will matter and shop our favorite versions of each. 


(Image credit: Courtesy of Sportmax, Khaite, Acne Studios, Givenchy )

Strappy sandals just got a whole lot more complicated thanks to the spring runways. Toes were forced into quite complicated situations thanks to not only the stocking and shoe pairings styled on the runways, but also because of the unique strap orientation in general. Whether they're tied up or caged in, this trend will have your toes looking some type of way in no time. 


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Sportmax)

Pictured: Sportmax S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Givenchy)

Pictured: Givenchy S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Khaite)

Pictured: Khaite S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Acne Studios)

Pictured: Acne Studios S/S 21

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Stella McCartney, Getty Images, Jacquemus, Kenzo)

Flip-flops have been circulating the trend scene for a while now. What started as a nod to the '90s with the thin straps and kitten heels has now pivoted more towards the early 2000s cushy thong shape that not only provides more comfort but also is a whole vibe if you ask me. 


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Kenzo)

Pictured: Kenzo S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Jacquemus)

Pictured: Jacquemus S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Stella McCartney)

Pictured: Stella McCartney S/S 21


(Image credit: Getty Images)

Pictured: Coperni S/S 21

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Givenchy, Molly Goddard, Rosetta Getty, Balenciaga )

Let's be real: All we're wearing these days are slippers, so you might as well start buying some cute ones. Everyone from Givenchy to Molly Goddard proved that inside shoes are officially acceptable any time, anywhere, and we couldn't be more on board. 


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Molly Goddard)

Pictured: Molly Goddard S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Givenchy)

Pictured: Givenchy S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Balenciaga )

Pictured: Balenciaga S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Rosetta Getty)

Pictured: Rosetta Getty S/S 21

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Hermes, Bally, Stella McCartney, ImaxTree)

Clogs are comfortable, they look cool, and I can almost guarantee you probably don't already own a pair. With that being said, investing in a pair for next season seems like the move in terms of both practicality and style. Plus, when brands like Hermès and Stella McCartney include multiple in their collections, you know the shoe trend is destined to be a hit. 


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Hermes)

Pictured: Hermes S/S 21


(Image credit: ImaxTree)

Pictured: Batsheva S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Bally)

Pictured: Bally S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Stella McCartney)

Pictured: Stella McCartney S/S 21

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(Image credit: Courtesy of Versace, Altuzarra, Erdem, Molly Goddard)

It seems like flatforms make a bold appearance every other season, and my theory behind that fact is that they simply look good with so many things. From dresses to relaxed trousers, there really isn't an article of clothing this shoe trend looks bad with. Versace had quite the notable pairs coming in fresh spring colorways adorned with chunky chains and Altuzarra had us itching for a tropical vacation when the world allows. In conclusion, all the styles present will have you excited for the little lift this shoe trend brings. 


On the runway:
(Image credit: Courtesy of Versace)

Pictured: Versace S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Molly Goddard)

Pictured: Molly Goddard S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Altuzarra )

Pictured: Altuzarra S/S 21


(Image credit: Courtesy of Erdem)

Pictured: Erdem S/S 21

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