The Best Amazon Travel Essentials We Learned About in 2018

Best Travel Items on Amazon



Whether it’s a one-hour flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco or a 17-hour flight from Dallas to Sydney (we can’t even imagine!), travel can be exhausting. Between planning, packing and waiting, there’s a good chance you forgot to pack your favorite scarf, shoes, or even mascara. Just a quick road trip? Being comfortable is still essential. Getting through the long hours is tough, but we’ve found hacks to make traveling in style more enjoyable than ever.

This year, we’ve found the best leggings, makeup bags to take on your holiday vacation, and travel shoes that make airport security a breeze. Along with other tips and tricks, Amazon will always be our holy-grail go-to for easy and fast travel essentials. Thank you, Prime, for delivering our chargers, packing cubes, umbrellas, and mini steamers in under two days. Being organized is the key to a relaxing trip, and while essentials aren’t the most fun purchases to make, they help us tackle long travel times with ease.

As the year comes to an end, we wanted to round up the best Amazon travel essentials we learned about in 2018. For a peaceful holiday season, use these coveted items to keep you content during vacation travels. Even if it’s going home for the holidays, let these essentials compliment your excursion and attend to your every need. Keep scrolling to browse our top picks that will make all your travels feel first class.

Don’t forget this staple travel accessory.

No more uncomfortable trips through the airport.

Because you can never charge your phone too much.

Wireless headphones are a must for busy airports.

Need a touch up? Don't forget this LED mirror.

Our MyDomaine editors are obsessed with these bags.

This luxe case protects your laptop during unexpected turbulence. 

Can't help but overpack? These space-saving bags will have you adding more to your luggage.

On-the-go cleansing is a hassle. These make it simple.

Fit sweaters, boots, coats, and more in this expandable luggage.

Don't let dirty clothes ruin your on-the-go closet.

Pack that palette. This makeup bag can hold it all.

This will ease any anxieties you have about being forced to repack an overweight bag in the baggage check line.

Cancel out any unwanted distractions with these quiet headphones.

For a flawless face during your trip, wipe your phone with these cleansers before handling your phone and spreading unwanted bacteria.

Downsize your favorite beauty products with these travel bottles for a stress-free TSA check-in.

You don’t need to worry about forgetting your favorite curler in the hotel room with this spare.