15 Winter Travel Shoes That Make Airport Security a Breeze

No matter the season, deciding what your airport outfit will be proves to be quite the feat. You want to be ultra comfortable, but you also want to look presentable. Plus, you want an outfit that will make passing by airport security as easy as possible. The trick to achieving all of these things is wearing the ideal shoes. Normally, we'd vouch for mules as you can slip them on and off. However, if you're traveling during the winter, you'll need more coverage.

That's why we've rounded up the best winter travel shoes you can find. Think boots that are easy to slip on and off, sneakers that will mold themselves to your feet and chunky heels that will make you strut a little more confidently on your walk to your gate. Scroll on to find a pair of travel shoes that best suits you.

You can't go wrong with white boots, whether you're exploring the city streets or waiting in the security line. 

Nothing's as reliable as a good pair of loafers. 

Chelsea boots are the ultimate winter (and travel) shoes. 

Say hi to these winter- and travel-approved mules. 

Comfort is key when traveling, and these check off that box. 

Classic black boots are always a good idea.

Stomp to your gate with these stylish, chunky boots. 

There's a reason these kicks are a classic. 

Slide these on and you're ready to jet off. 

The zipper in these boots makes putting them on a breeze and won't make you lose any valuable time. 

Chic and comfortable. 

Opt for a pair of kicks, but choose a fun colorway instead of something basic.

These will stand out as they pass by security. 

You can't go wrong with classic white kicks.

Loafers that will go perfectly with your chunky and cozy airplane socks.

Travel shoes? Check. Now find the best carry-ons on the market to finish off your travel preparations. 

Opening Image: @brittanyxavier