All the Summer Treasures I Found Hiding on Amazon

Last weekend, I attended a wedding accessorized in nothing but deep-sea green acrylic earrings that unexpectedly made my whole outfit pop. I received countless compliments on the striking danglers—a moment that can only be described as an affordably chic fashion victory (I love it when I have these!) since the earrings were a last-minute find on Amazon for a whopping $10!

As a fashion editor, there’s nothing that gets me genuinely more excited than finding a unique gem of a product down in the deep corners of the web that is seasonally on trend and ridiculously affordable but no one is likely to own. And bonus if it can ship in two days. Hello, Amazon Prime! Yes, Amazon tends to be where many of these treasures can be found, and there is no shortage of cool summer fashion finds to be had this season. I’ve scoured the one-stop retailer for the best pieces worth buying this season (including those green earrings!). Scoop these up now before everyone else does.